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SMASH & GRAB : Not Pot Noodle!

My son bought a Pot Noodle the other day and made it for lunch. Whereas these days I would probably turn my nose up at his choice, I have to admit that in my youth, it was one of my guilty pleasures!
It did get me thinking...
Those of you rushing around or taking sandwiches to work for lunch might just fancy a change in the form of a nutritious, filling, low-fat, portable, instant hot soup that takes 2 minutes to prepare!
All you need is access to a kettle when you want to eat it.

A Pot Noodle is around 13sp/10pp/400kcal.
My version is 5sp/5pp/approx.180kcal and includes fresh ingredients!


For fun, I used the existing Pot Noodle container. If you are taking this as a portable lunch, it would be preferable to have a lidded container suitable for boiled water, otherwise a large mug is great. You will also need a small plastic, lidded container. I bought a set of 8 of these tiny ones from Poundland.



Into your little container...

...add 1 teaspoon Low Salt Soy sauce...

...half a low salt stock cube, crumbled.

No need to mix it.

With scissors, snip 2 Spring onions into the same box...

...and a few julienned strips of carrot, coiled gently into the top. 

Pack the larger container with 1 packet of Straight-to-Wok Rice noodles.
(At 5sp/4pp/162kcal, these are the lowest in sp/pp's. They are also the finest, so will heat through quickly). If you use a different variety, please check the sp/pp/calories as they all vary.
Add the little box, full of all the magic seasonings and vegetables.
This is easily portable. The large container houses all the ingredients. You could even make this the night before you need it if you are rushing out in the morning.

When you're ready to eat it, simply tip the seasoning ingredients into the large container.
Boil the kettle.

Add a little freshly boiled water and stir thoroughly to dissolve the stock cube.

Add the noodles and cover with hot water.

Mix well and allow to stand for a couple of minutes. This will allow the noodles to heat through and absorb the flavours. The vegetables will soften, losing their raw crunchiness but retain a lovely fresh bite.

Tuck in!

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RECIPE : All-In-One Brekkie

This is an easy-peasy breakfast dish. It combines traditional English breakfast ingredients into a one-pan tortilla/omelette which also houses a fried egg. It's delicious and filling too.
This works out to 5sp/5pp/approx.200kcal
per portion


You Will Need :(Per Serving)

6 mushrooms
6 Cherry tomatoes
1 Spring onion
1 Weight Watchers Cumberland sausage 
2 Heck chicken sausages
1 clove garlic
Fresh Parsley
2 Medium eggs


Fry the sliced mushrooms and whole cherry tomatoes in a little Frylight Sunflower oil.

Slice the sausage into 6 chunks and add to the pan. Fry until it starts to brown. Add finely chopped garlic and sliced spring onion.

Once everything has browned and softened, make a circular space in the middle of the pan.

Gently crack the first egg into the circle.

Beat the second egg and season with black pepper. If you prefer, you could use egg white only for this part. This would reduce the total recipe by 2sp/2pp.

Carefully pour the beaten egg around the edge of the fried egg. As it cooks and sets, this will hold all the ingredients together into a tortilla-style omelette.

Pop a lid on the pan and allow to cook gently over a low heat. The steam will cook the top of the fried egg perfectly. I like the yolk runny but you cook to your personal preference.

Once the omelette has set, loosen the finished dish with a spatula so that it will slide pleasingly onto your serving plate. Scatter with chopped, fresh parsley.

Gently transfer to your serving plate.


Breakfast Onesie!


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RECIPE : Weight Watchers' Watermelon, Feta & Mint Salad

I'm going to be totally honest with you (as always!) and will admit that this is not my recipe....its from a wonderful old Weight Watchers book called 'Simply Enjoy'.

You can see how much I like this book by all my little bookmarks for my favourite recipes! The recipe for this salad is on p74. It's literally watermelon, red onion, low-fat feta (30g per portion), lime juice, mint leaves and black pepper.
It's 2sp/2pp/approx.100kcal per portion
and one of the most refreshing and delicious salads I've ever tasted. I could live on it in the Summer....the  zingy lime and the creamy feta combined with the juicy crunch of watermelon, red onion and fragrant mint is incredible....I really wish I had invented it!


The reason for this post is to show you how I present it - especially for eating a natural watermelon bowl that goes in the dustbin afterwards - so, no washing up...what could be better than that? With sunshine so precious, who wouldn't opt for more time in the garden!


How to make the Watermelon Bowls

Slice each end off the watermelon to give each 'bowl' a flat base. If you want to be extra 'arty', cut the tops of each 'bowl' at a slight angle.

Cut as much of the fruit as you can out of the melon, then cube it for the salad.

Scoop out any remaining melon with a spoon so that you are left with two clean bowl shapes.

Combine all of the salad ingredients apart from the feta into a large bowl. Mix gently.

Take the watermelon 'bowls' and slice alternate random stripes into the outside edge using a vegetable peeler. Slice around the top to form a bevelled edge. Don't worry if it's uneven, it looks more organic. They remind me of ceramic, glazed bowls.

Fill each 'bowl' carefully with the salad, then add the weighed, cubed cheese. This way it's easier to be accurate with your portions. Top with a sprig of fresh mint.

 A quarter of this block of very low fat Greek salad cheese is 2sp/2pp/80kcal.

Finally, eat 'al fresco' and enjoy.


A literal 'bowl' of fruit!
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RECIPE : Grilled Halloumi & Pineapple Sticks with Mint, Garlic & Tangerine Dressing

Ok, I apologise.
I grew up in the 60's where cheese and pineapple served on cocktail sticks was the height of sophisticated snacking! (Especially if you covered half a grapefruit in tin foil and poked them into it to make a display).


Well...actually, there is something to be said for tangy cheese married with sweet pineapple, so I've created a dish to revive and modernise this partnership.
My grilled halloumi and pineapple sticks are tasty, rich and zingy. With the addition of a mouth-watering fresh mint, garlic and tangerine pesto-style dressing to compliment these two main ingredients, your tastebuds will be dancing the night away!


One of my favourite aspects of this recipe is that there are no added seasonings or flavourings-the taste comes from all the ingredients used; saltiness and creaminess from the cheese, sweetness from the pineapple, freshness from the mint, pungency from the garlic and tangy oils and refreshing juice from the tangerine.
They make a lovely accompaniment to any main dish such as grilled steak, chicken or fish and will grill on the hob or cook on the barbie very well too.


This serves 2 as a very generous portion, or 3-4 as a starter or small side dish. They also make great appetisers.

 The recipe makes 12 sticks.

They work to
per stick


You Will Need : (Makes 12 sticks)

A 225g block of reduced fat Halloumi cheese.
(Most supermarkets have their own brand which contains 30% less fat than regular Halloumi).

12 large chunks fresh pineapple

12 cocktail sticks

For the dressing:

Generous bunch of fresh mint
2 cloves garlic
Zest and juice of 2 tangerines


Start by dividing the Halloumi equally into 2 halves.

Cut each half into 6 even chunks. Cut the pineapple into the same size chunks. It's important to keep the pieces fairly large so that the cheese remains intact when you thread it onto the cocktail stick.

Thread the pineapple first, then the cheese onto the top. Repeat until you have 12 mini skewers. I'm not normally a perfectionist, but I trim any excess pineapple to make the kebabs really square and even in shape.

Mist a griddle pan with Frylight oil then place the kebabs gently into the hot pan.

Cook for 5 minutes on a medium-high heat until the cheese and pineapple are this beautiful golden colour. Turn gently then cook for 5 minutes on the other side.

While the kebabs are cooking, take your dressing ingredients.

Using a lemon zester, zest the peel from the tangerines into a bowl.
(Click HERE for info).
This releases beautiful, natural oils which make the base for the dressing.

Chop the garlic roughly and strip the leaves off the fresh mint. Pop into a food processor and blitz until finely chopped. Add to the tangerine zest.

Squeeze the juice from the tangerines and add to the mint, garlic and zest mixture. Mix well. This is your simple dressing.

As soon as the kebabs are cooked on both sides, arrange onto your serving dish. They need to be eaten right away as halloumi has a tendency to go a little 'squeaky' in texture if cooked or left for too long.

Spoon the dressing generously over the hot kebabs, allowing the juice and oils to seep onto the plate.

Garnish with sprigs of fresh mint.

Serve as an accompaniment to your chosen dish. I served these with a Quorn peppered steak for 3pp/115kcal and some chargrilled whole mini peppers for a vibrant, tasty main course.


Nothing wrong with a little vintage inspiration! 


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RECIPE : Chicken Goujons

These chicken goujons make a wonderful light meal with a fresh salad. 
The chicken is succulent and soft whilst the crumpet breadcrumbs provide a rugged, super-crunchy texture to contrast.


This recipe uses NoCount/Filling & Healthy ingredients, and works out to 10sp/11pp/approx.450kcal per portion for a main meal or 4sp/5pp/225kcal for a light starter size portion.
It's a perfect meal for all ages, everyone loves these!


You Will Need : For 2 large
or 4 small servings

Two 165g Skinless Chicken Breasts
1 medium egg, seasoned and beaten
1 Batch Crumpet Breadcrumbs
seasoned however you like
(Click HERE for link to recipe)


Preheat the oven to 200 degrees centigrade. 

Cut each chicken breast into chunky strips.

Dip each strip of chicken into seasoned egg.

Pop into the bowl of breadcrumbs.

Coat the chicken in breadcrumbs. Don't worry if you have a few gaps, they look more rustic and home made if they're not too perfect.

Place on a baking tray and repeat until you have coated all the chicken.

Bake for 15 minutes.
While the goujons are cooking, make a simple fresh salad to serve with them.

When the chicken is cooked and the breadcrumbs deliciously crisp and golden, serve and tuck in!


Deliciously Simple & Simply Delicious!





Make a batch of the crumpet breadcrumbs when you have a few spare minutes. They will keep in an airtight container for a few days, then are close to hand when you want to make this quick, nutritious meal.