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Smash & Grab: Fake Blue Cheese!

My husband loves blue cheese and although I believe in everything in moderation, with his previous heart problems I do like to try to avoid serving him anything with such a high fat content.
So, I decided to invent my own fake blue cheese!


This is great because you get the crumbliness and cheesy texture mixed with the lovely creamy smoothness of blue cheese with its distinctive tangy flavour.
As the weather has been so warm, we've been having some delicious salads recently. This little idea of mine works beautifully as a salad ingredient, or can be mixed with a little vinegar and water to make a fabulous blue cheese dressing.


The amount in my recipe comes to 4pp/approx.150kcal for the whole lot or 2pp/approx.75kcal per portion if serving 2.


YOU WILL NEED : (Serves 2)

50g reduced fat feta cheese
2 laughing cow (light) blue cheese triangles

If making into dressing

2 teaspoons Total 0% fat yoghurt
seasoned rice wine/white vinegar to taste
water to desired consistency

(Please note this does not affect the propoints)


Dice the feta into small cubes.

Add the blue cheese triangles.

Mix together roughly using a fork and pop into the fridge until needed. 

Weigh into 2 portions then take small amounts on a teaspoon and dollop onto a salad. If making salad dressing, reserve 2 teaspoons of the mixture.


To make the salad dressing :

Simply blend the reserved cheese mixture with Total yoghurt, a little vinegar and water until you have your desired consistency, then drizzle over your salad.






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RECIPE : Taramasalata

This famous Greek dip has always been a favourite of mine but is usually packed full of propoints/calories.
I don't know why I hadn't thought to make a Slice-of-Slim version before...but here it is in all its glory!

Typically, a 50g shop-bought portion of taramasalata is around 7pp/approx.300kcal. In a restaurant it's usually much higher than that...but my version is a mere 2pp/approx.82kcal per portion!

It couldn't be more simple to make either.

If you can get hold of fresh cod roe, it is always preferable. However, it has a very short seasonal availability and is also quite hard to find if you don't live near to a great deli. I have found that the tinned version works extremely well in this recipe.


YOU WILL NEED : (Serves 4)

200g tin pressed cod roe
(NOT soft cod roe)

150g Total yoghurt 2% fat

juice of 2 lemons

black pepper

paprika/sumac to garnish


Open the tin of cod roe using the key on the bottom of the tin.
(This is old-fashioned stuff you know!)

You'll see that pressed cod roe is very compact and solid.

Tip the roe into a mixing bowl and break it down slightly by mashing with a fork.

Add the yoghurt and mix together. I use the 2% fat Total yoghurt as it gives a creamier finish to this recipe.
You can use the 0% fat version if you prefer.

Squeeze 2 lemons and add the juice to taste. I love my taramasalata really citrusy as it compliments the strong fishy flavour of the cod roe, so I use it all.
Season generously with black pepper to taste.

Mix again with a fork. You could serve it at this stage...

...however, if you blend it using a hand stick blender, you will greatly improve the texture of the taramasalata.
Blending removes the slight grittiness of the roe and emulsifies the dip to produce a very creamy, aerated, authentic dish.

Pop into a serving dish or weigh into 4 separate portions which makes it much easier to track the propoints/calories.
Sprinkle with paprika or sumac, then chill for at least an hour before serving.
This helps the taramasalata to firm up.


Pink perfection.



You could serve like this, as part of a fabulous deli board. I weighed everything into individual bowls for easy portion control.
I served it with a tahini/yoghurt dip, 
some marinated prawns (shop-prepared), generous amounts of cucumber and carrot sticks, and warm mini bagels.



It was my husband's birthday this week and we had eaten out a couple of times over the weekend, so I wanted to make him a healthy but beautiful birthday cake.
I had half a watermelon in the fridge and some berries that needed eating....so I invented a zero propoint fruit 'cake' for him. It was really terrific-it sliced up beautifully like a real cake too!


On the WeightWatchers plan, we're so lucky as all the fruit we eat is zero propoints, so we don't have to count this at all!
This would be appreciated so much by a friend or relative following any healthy eating plan-you would be showing them that you care without sabotaging their weight loss efforts in any way.

If you are counting calories, you'll have to calculate according to the amount of fruit you use. I estimate that the one I made was approximately 750kcal but would serve 8-10 people easily as it was huge! So 75kcal for a slice of 'cake' is pretty good!


1/2 a large watermelon
small punnet (around 200g) blueberries
small punnet (around 200g) raspberries
1 papaya
2 limes

Use the fruits you have or like the best-this is just a guide.


Cut the thick skin off the watermelon. Make sure you remove all the white flesh. 

You'll be left with a very pleasing dome shape. Using a large knife, cut an even slice from the bottom about 1 cm thick.

Pop the first slice onto a large serving plate. Remove any obvious seeds, but don't worry about them too much.

Squeeze lime generously over the surface-this helps to bring out the flavour.

Cover the slice with your first choice of fruit. I chose blueberries as I wanted to shade my 'fillings' from dark to light...blue, red, then orange.

Cut a second 1 cm slice from the melon.
I found the best way to achieve a lovely, even slice was to insert the knife, then slowly turn the melon and board with my other hand, so the knife remains still.

Squeeze lime juice over the melon again, then arrange the raspberries in an even layer.

Repeat with another slice of melon, then arrange slices of papaya. This time, squeeze the lime over the papaya as it really enhances the flavour.

Add one final slice, then create a design on the top using any remaining fruits and some fresh mint leaves.

This keeps beautifully in the fridge for a couple of days and cuts into perfect 'cake' slices!

Serve on its own, with a
WeightWatchers fromage frais,
some sweetened/flavoured Total 0% yoghurt
or even some
zero propoint banana 'ice-cream'
(Click HERE for recipe)
for a spectacular Summer dessert!


Watermelon Magic



You could make an amazing savoury version of this using red onion, mint and reduced fat feta (my favourite salad!)
Click HERE for the recipe.


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Hot Off The Press NEWS! : Slice of Slim Launches YouTube Channel!

I'm very excited and proud to have launched my very own YouTube channel this week!
Click HERE for the link to it.

Please like and subscribe to the channel, then you will get updates every time I make a new film. I'll also post links on Facebook and Twitter.


This is the biggest thing to have happened to Slice of Slim since I started writing my regular column for WeightWatchers (UK) magazine. It means that I can bring some of my favourite recipes to life for you. You can now see me in action in the Slice of Slim kitchen!


My very good friend, Matthew Curtis (hairdresser extraordinaire) made this all possible for me by sponsoring my introductory and first recipe demo films.

As you know, I'm not paid to write my blog, so it's thanks to the love and support of my family and friends that I continue on my quest to bring you gorgeous, inspiring foods to help you all on your own weight loss journeys.

I'm so grateful to everyone who has been there for me-my daughter who helped me to set up the blog and designed my gorgeous logo. Now my son is also on board as he wrote and produced the original soundtrack in my films.

Thanks to Jake Bishop too-a talented young film-maker who collaborated with me to produce the films and with some really original ideas-how did he make three of me appear at once?


Finally, a big thank you to all of you loyal followers....you give me such amazing feedback on a daily basis and have supported me all the way...watch this space for more funky films!

SMASH & GRAB : Mango & Lime

This is one of the most mouth-wateringly delicious zero propoint snacks of all time! Sweet, soft mango served with zingy lime is an incredible experience-your tastebuds will be dancing all over the place!

Mangos are very easy and quick to prepare if you know how...so here's my step-by-step guide to cutting one up with as little waste as possible.

Take the mango and stand it up vertically with the stalk at the top. Using a sharp knife, cut downwards as close as you can against the side of the large stone.(You can feel the stone with the knife, so curve it around the stone slightly as you cut through the flesh).

Pop the cut half to one side then repeat on the other side of the fruit.

You now have two fresh halves of mango.

Slice the peel from the piece containing the stone.

Carefully, make small cuts against the side of the stone then slice downwards along the stone to release cubed fruit into a bowl.

Next, take each cut half and let it nestle in the palm of your hand.

Very carefully, cut diagonally in both directions through the fruit but not through the skin, so that the flesh is cubed.

Run the knife as close as you can around the skin to release the cubes of mango.

You should end up with lovely chunks of mango and almost no wasted fruit remaining in the skin.

Pop the mango into a dish and squeeze generously with the juice of half a lime.
Lipsmackingly good!

Repeat the scoring with the remaining half of the mango. Serve it in the same way...

...Or, if you're prone to mad moments like me, turn the flesh inside-out with the skin still attached.

Pop onto a serving plate.

Add blueberry eyes, a raspberry nose and drench with lime juice.

A happy little mango hedgehog!
It's easy to cut the cubes of fruit off the skin using a knife and fork.

I always used to make these for my kids to encourage them to enjoy fruit but I find adults love them too!


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CUPBOARD LOVE : Mornflake Gold Oatbran Granola with Nuts & Seeds

I've spent the last couple of weeks searching for the 'perfect granola'.
By this, I mean; the right amount of clusters, nuttiness, seeds, sweetness (without too much added sugar), low salt and general toasty yumminess.


Most commercial and even homemade granolas seem to work out to similar propoint/kcal values-around 3pp/120kcal for a 25g serving. So then you need to look carefully at the ingredients to see where they differ and sample a few until you find the perfect match for your tastebuds/personal requirements.


This Mornflake Gold Oatbran Granola with nuts and seeds is the one for me.
If you like lots of raisins/dried fruit in your granola, you may want to do your own search as this doesn't contain any.

The packaging is easy to tear open and reseals well, so no need for storage jars.
Rather than their suggested 45g serving at 6pp/213kcal, I like to use
25g for 3pp/approx.120kcal
 as a delicious, crunchy topping for mixed berries and a sliced banana. As it's not overly sweet, I sprinkle it over a
WeightWatchers fromage frais
(1pp/48kcal per serving)
This means that the granola goes further, lasts longer and is more economical on propoints/calories too.

This combination makes the most delicious and filling breakfast or dessert.


This brand ticks all the boxes for me and also carries an endorsement from Heart UK, a cholesterol charity. As you may know, this is a topic close to my own heart as my husband had a heart attack aged 50 and this is what prompted him to take responsibility for his weight and general health.
(This is why all my Slice-of-Slim recipes are healthy-heart friendly and low-salt as well as low in fat).


Little clusters of deliciousness.