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RECIPE : Heritage Tomato Salad with Avocado

There's an abundance of tomatoes at the moment so whether you have grown your own or bought them cheaply from a supermarket, this simple salad is a delicious, nutritious and refreshing way to serve them.

If you're prepared to spend a few extra pennies and go for some Heritage tomatoes....they will turn this salad from something delicious into something sublime! I just adore all the different shapes and colourways that appear in these boxes of produce. They really do make a difference to this salad as visually they are so exciting not to mention the flavour! This box was around £4 but it made two enormous salads, each enough for 3-4 people as a side dish.


YOU WILL NEED: (serves 4 as a side salad)

The whole salad comes to 7sp/approx 330kcal so 2sp/approx.83kcal per person


4-5 large tomatoes
(Or a selection of Heritage tomatoes)
handful of fresh basil leaves
2 Spring onions
1/2 medium avocado
juice of half a lemon
1 teaspoon Balsamic vinegar
1 teaspoon olive oil
black pepper
tiny pinch salt


Select a good variety of shapes, colours and textures of tomato.

 Start by slicing the largest, most open structured tomato and layer at the bottom of a large serving bowl.

Slice the remaining tomatoes and layer on top.

Scatter with basil leaves and a tiny pinch of salt. I very rarely use salt but this just enhances the flavours of the tomatoes.

Chop the Spring onions finely at an angle then sprinkle over the tomatoes.

Halve the avocado. Peel one half and slice as finely as possible into ribbon-like pieces. Toss in lemon juice then scatter over the salad. Wrap the remaining half including the stone in clingfilm to stop it going brown, then refrigerate.

Finally, splash one teaspoon of balsamic vinegar and one teaspoon of olive oil over the salad to gently bring out the natural flavours in these gorgeous, simple ingredients. Add a generous grind of black pepper. Mix gently on serving.

This makes a lovely accompaniment to any grilled meat or fish, or a delicious light starter.




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RECIPE : Chicken, Pear & Feta Toasted Stack with Wasabi Total Greek Yoghurt

Sandwiches don't need to be boring!
 I've mixed wasabi paste and Nigella seeds into Total yoghurt to make a hot, fragrant condiment. Then, I've layered up a toasted wrap with chicken, pear and Greek light salad cheese (based on low fat Feta)to make an enormous stacked sarnie! It will feed one very hungry person or two as a light snack.


YOU WILL NEED : (Serves 1-2 people)

7sp/9pp/approx.398kcal for 1 portion
or 3sp/5pp/199kcal per portion
if shared between 2


1 Square white wrap
(I use the Warburtons one at 4sp/4pp/159kcal)

100g Total 0% Greek Yoghurt
 wasabi paste (to your personal taste)
2 teaspoons Nigella seeds

50g cooked chicken, sliced
1 red pear, cored and sliced (skin on)
30g Greek light salad cheese

rocket leaves


Cut the wrap into 4 pieces and toast. Don't worry if it curls slightly as this adds to the presentation!

Add the wasabi paste and 1 teaspoon Nigella seeds into the Total Greek Yoghurt. I put around 2-3cms of wasabi from the tube but add to your personal preference. Mix well.

Place the first piece of toasted wrap onto your serving plate and dollop with 1/4 of the yoghurt mixture.

Add some rocket or salad leaves of your choice before placing the second piece of toasted wrap on top.

Spread with another quarter of the Total Greek Yoghurt mixture.

Add half the chicken and pear with crumbled cheese to this layer, saving half the ingredients for the next layer.

Repeat so that you have another layer of toasted wrap, chicken, pear and cheese. Save a slice of chicken and pear for the top. Allow some of the crumbled cheese to fall onto the plate in random scatters.

Top the final piece of toasted wrap with the remaining Total Greek Yoghurt mixture, a couple of rocket leaves and a little chicken and pear. Finally scatter the stack with some Nigella seeds allowing some to fall onto the plate.

This is one monumental sandwich but is easier to eat than you might imagine...

...as the layers can easily be separated again to be enjoyed.


Totally Wasabiliscious!



Please note; All my opinions are my own however this blog post has been sponsored as it was part of a promotional campaign with TOTAL yoghurt
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GADGETS & GIZMOS : Spiralizers!

I'm not one for gadgets for the sake of gadgets so I'm pretty selective about the equipment I choose for my kitchen, storage being a huge factor to consider...but one gizmo I would not be without is my spiralizer!
For anyone on a healthy eating quest or keen to keep variety alive in their diet, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend that this is one thing your kitchen should not be without.
I'm very lucky to own two spiralizers...and I will tell you what I love about each of them, then you can decide which one is for you.

The first one I bought is this one from Lakeland. I made the mistake of buying a cheap one originally but the handle literally snapped off the first time I used it. I also had a basic metal one but it needed oiling after every use-so a bit of a pain.
This one still looks pretty cheap as it is made of plastic but is as strong as an ox. It also has suction pads on the base to stop it wobbling around. It's great even for butternut squash 'boodles' which are probably one of the toughest veggies to spiralize.
It has a sharp tube to fix the vegetables onto on one end and plastic spikes to grip the other end by the handle, so your fingers are well protected from the blades.

This one comes with 3 separate blades but to be honest I only use the basic noodle spiralizing one. It's really easy to use and more importantly, to clean. It also takes up very little space in a cupboard.


The Lakeland spiralizer is normally £29.99 but is often on special offer so do your research before buying.

Click HERE for a link to the online shop


You may have seen my delicious spiralized recipe in a recent issue of WeightWatchers magazine. I co-write a monthly column with two gorgeous girlies, food bloggers Laura and Lou.

For this feature we were asked to use the Oxo Good Grips hand-held spiralizer which is sold in WeightWatchers meetings and in their online shop.
I have tried other hand-held spiralizers before and have not been particularly impressed as some tend to squash the strands of vegetable coming out and produce a really unsatisfactory result.

I found this one to be excellent as the blade is sharp enough to deal with hard vegetables. Courgette and cucumber are extremely easy to spiralize in this device as they fit comfortably into the housing. Anything larger such as butternut squash or apples will require cutting down so that is one slight disadvantage-and you do need quite a bit of upper arm strength for this one.
However, Laura's "Tip from the Top" is to twist the spiralizer instead of the vegetable...making life much easier apparently!
Thanks Laura x

I like the feature which protects your fingers as you reach the short end of the vegetable. The lid has little spikes to grip the vegetable you are spiralizing so there is very little waste.


At £14.95
(or at the time of publishing this post
it is on offer at £11.20),
this one is half the price of the Lakeland machine so a great one to start with and literally fits in a drawer it is so small.

Click HERE for a link to the online shop


I probably use either one of my spiralizers most days- I find that these thin strands of vegetables are a versatile and enjoyable way to eat large quantities of veggies without it feeling like a chore! 
Here are a couple of my favourite spiralized recipes for you to try
(click on the links to read);


Happy Spiralizing!


Please note: All the views and opinions expressed in this post are my own and I was not paid or sponsored to review these products.