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RECIPE : Apple & Cinnamon Toastie

When I first started WeightWatchers six years ago, I hid my toasted sandwich maker in the back of my kitchen cupboard, away from temptation-all those tuna melts became a long distant memory!
However a couple of weeks ago I came home frozen from a long walk and really fancied an apple pie...then I had a brainwave! I found some fruit bread in the freezer and had a couple of apples that needed using up, dusted off the sandwich maker....and hey apple toasties were invented!

You do really need a machine for best results as it seals the gorgeous soft cinnamon apples inside the spice and fruit-laden toasted bread...however you could pop the bread in a regular toaster and make an open sandwich style offering piled with the apples on top which would taste equally fabulous.


The sandwiches work out to 7sp/310kcal for both triangles or 4sp/155kcal per triangle

YOU WILL NEED : (Makes 2 triangles)

Two 30/35g slices Fruit bread
(I used the Co-Op brand-please don't confuse with malt loaf-this is much more like bread with sultanas, currants and mixed peel embedded into it)

1 apple (Pink Lady or Jazz, skin left on)

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon sugar free maple flavoured syrup
or artificial sweetener

15 sprays Frylight oil


Quarter the apple, core then slice into about 12-15 slices.

Mist a frying pan with about 5 sprays of Frylight oil then add the sliced apple with the cinnamon and syrup or sweetener. Cook gently over a medium heat, turning occasionally until the apples have softened but still have a bite. This should take about 10 minutes.

Heat up the toasted sandwich machine.

Once hot, mist the lower hotplate with 5 sprays of Frylight oil and position the first slice of fruit bread.

Add a single layer of the cinnamon apples covering as much of the bread as possible. You will have some slices of apple left over which you can serve alongside the toastie.

Place the second slice of fruit bread on top, mist the upper plate on the sandwich machine with 5 more sprays of Frylight oil then carefully but firmly close the machine to seal everything together.

Cook for 5 minutes, check, then cook for a further 3-5 minutes until the bread is a beautiful rich golden toasted colour.

Lift out carefully-it will be really hot!
Place on a chopping board to cool slightly for about 2-3 minutes.
The toastie may feel slightly soft but will crisp up as it starts to cool.

Using a bread knife, cut carefully through the sealed join to make two complete sandwich triangles.

Pop onto a serving plate with the remaining cinnamon apples. Remember that the contents are extremely hot when you bite into the toastie so take care!


Apple Heaven



Try serving with a dollop of Total Greek yoghurt or some custard.
Just remember to add the Sp/kcal



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