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Hot Off The Press: NEWS!: My glam makeover for WW magazine!

I wrote this back in January, purely because I still had an adrenaline rush from something that took place all those weeks ago. I wasn't allowed to talk about it officially until now because...that's when the May issue of WeightWatchers magazine goes on sale!
So that's why you're reading it today.


At the end of last year I was approached by Helen Renshaw, Editor of the magazine. She asked if I'd be interested in writing for them again...and if I'd like to go to London for a glamour make-over?
I was so happy to be invited back...and this time it's bigger and better because I've been teamed up with two more fabulous Gold members and food bloggers; Louise and Laura.

We had never met before, but spent the previous few weeks getting to know each other before the shoot chatting online on Instagram! So it was lovely to finally meet them in person. Louise's amazing and inspirational Instagram can be found HERE and Laura's Instagram HERE and fabulous blog HERE.

So...the day finally came when we had to go to Shoreditch to a trendy rooftop studio for a glamour makeover!
We were greeted my Carl, (Picture Editor on the magazine) and introduced to celebrity photographer, Nicky Johnston who would be taking our glamour shots. Nicky is a really well known photographer and recently appeared as a judge on the latest series of Britain's Next Top Model, which, coincidentally my friend, hairdresser Matt Curtis worked on!
I recognised Nicky straight away and was thrilled to know I was going to be snapped by such a professional. We had quick 'before' shots done before our makeovers...I didn't know this was going to happen and I was definitely dressed for comfort in my little stripy dress and scruffy hair!

Next after a quick hello from the rest of the team; Helen, (Editor) and Kirsty, (Art Director) we went into styling, hair and makeup with the lovely Lydia, Holly and Enya. This is where the transformation began. We'd sent our sizes in beforehand, so Lydia the stylist had a fair idea of our shapes...there were racks of gorgeous clothes to try on...we had 2 glamorous dresses each for two different shots. I never usually wear bright colours but felt fantastic in the dresses Lydia had picked for me-especially the pistachio colour! Once outfits were chosen we were off to hair and makeup with Holly and Enya. Holly did my make-up. What an experience! I transformed into a version of myself I'd never seen before...false eye-lashes and all!

 The makeup looked heavy in natural light but they explained it had to be this way for the bright flashing lights in the shoot.
Then Enya styled my hair. In 5 minutes it was coiffed into a slicked-back bob I'd never have attempted. Once I saw it on the photos I soon realised these professionals knew what they were talking about! Sometimes it's good to just let people carry through their vision...then it was time for my first glamour shot.

Nicky was amazing at putting me at ease. When you're not a professional model it's hard to know how to stand, how to move, where to look-but he made suggestions, filling me with confidence every minute-it was a surreal experience....and then when I saw the images he'd created it was hard to believe I was looking at myself-it was like an actress playing the part of me or an exaggerated version of who I am.

There was so much to do as we each had an individual portrait done, then we had a quick change of outfit and it was time for the cover shoot- a complete surprise to us as we had no idea we were going to be on the cover!

So then it was all three of us laughing, chatting, walking, being directed through all these different moves and into angles and poses that felt strange but again worked on camera!
We couldn't believe the results.

We took the opportunity to have a quick snapshot taken with Nicky as a memento of the day. 

It was 3.30 by this stage and still so much to do. There was a table full of healthy wonderful food so I grabbed some salad and a chicken sandwich then it was time for the next shoot! 

This time we were in a studio kitchen being photographed by lifestyle photographer, Louise Haywood-Schiefer.

Quickly throwing on another divine dress, I found myself in a kitchen set and finally in my comfort zone, chopping veggies, squeezing lemons into yoghurt to make my delicious tahini sauce from my Piri piri chicken recipe which is featured in the magazine.
In a flash, it was all over and I was back at the station and on my way home. 

I'm just so excited to be a part of this new blogging team for the magazine, to have been given the opportunity to have a make over, be a cover girl at 52 years old and once again be writing and innovating recipes for such a fabulous publication.


The May issue of WeightWatchers (UK) magazine featuring Louise, Laura and myself is on sale in meetings from today and in the shops
April 6th!



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