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RECIPE : Spring Green Rolls

These fabulous Spring green rolls are such a wonderful snack or light meal...packed full of nutritious, fresh ingredients while the outer cabbage casing saves on the carbs contained in a rice paper or bread wrap.


I've been influenced by all the oriental foods I love best-these are really a fusion of Chinese Spring rolls, Thai Summer rolls and Japanese sushi!
I've filled these particular rolls with avocado, prawns and thin vegetable strips...but once you've mastered the amazingly simple steaming method I've discovered for the cabbage leaves, you can put any filling you like inside-have fun experimenting!


They work out to 5sp/approx.136kcal per portion-including the dips

YOU WILL NEED : (per portion)

Spring green leaves
(either 2 large or 4 small)

50g or 1/2 a small avocado

1/2 a lemon

8 individual cooked king prawns

1 carrot julienned into thin strips

1 spring onion, finely shredded

fresh coriander or basil leaves
black/garlic pepper

For the dips;

1 tablespoon chilli sauce
(This is the hot Chinese sauce. If you use Thai sweet chilli sauce add 1sp/27kcal)

1 heaped teaspoon peanut flour
1 level teaspoon reduced fat peanut butter

1 teaspoon warm boiled water


Select 2 large or 4 small Spring green leaves.

VERY CAREFULLY, one leaf at a time, hold each leaf by the end of its stalk and steam on both sides for a few seconds by holding over the steam from a boiling kettle spout.
I've been doing some research on YouTube, so I can't claim this method to be mine, but as long as you are really cautious, this is the easiest way to steam the Spring green leaves.
It just makes the leaves a vibrant fresh green colour and softens them beautifully, making them more flexible for rolling.
It also takes away the thick, raw crunchiness of the leaf and makes it more digestible.

Use a clean tea towel or some kitchen paper to gently blot the excess moisture off the leaves.

Flip each leaf over, stalk-side up and gently slice the tough part of the stalk away using a sharp knife.

This trims away the excess bulk and makes the leaves much easier to roll.

Take the first leaf and place on a flat surface,  stalk-side-up. Add some sliced avocado. Squeeze with lemon juice to add flavour and stop it browning.

Next add some julienned strips of carrot and finely shredded Spring onion.
Add fresh herbs-coriander or basil work well.

Top with prawns and season with freshly ground black pepper or garlic pepper.

Now fold the stalk end over into the centre of the wrap.

Fold the opposite side in to slightly overlap.

Keeping everything as tight as possible, roll up, packing any stray ingredients in as you do so.

You should end up with this perfectly pleasing wrap roll! Pop it seam-side down so it doesn't unroll and repeat with each leaf until you've used all the ingredients.

Using either peanut flour or reduced fat peanut butter, mix with a little warm, boiled water until you have a lovely dipping sauce consistency.
Pop into a tiny serving dish.
Put the chilli sauce into a separate tiny serving dish.

Arrange each Spring green roll on a serving plate with both sauces and a wedge of lemon.

If you're feeling confident and a bit 'showy' you can cut each roll in half using a serrated knife.
(A bread knife is perfect for this)

Not only does this reveal the beautiful colours of the filling inside, it also looks like sushi and visually doubles the portion size!

Dip into the sauces and enjoy!
I'm completely obsessed with these at the moment-I'll be trying all sorts of fillings including houmous & falafel and chicken, spinach, pesto & pine nuts-the list is endless!


Roll up! Roll up! 



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