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CUPBOARD LOVE : Co-Op Super Seeded Cod Fillets

As you know, I'm happy to use convenience foods from time to time, especially on days when I'm time-short.
I have to say we are a little bit addicted to these Super Seeded Cod Fillets from the Co-Op in the Slice Of Slim house!


They work out to 9sp/318kcal per 150g fillet and are extremely economical, working out to £1.25 a portion if you buy the 2 for £5 deal. The portion is large and so tasty-coated in delicious breadcrumbs and jam-packed with a wonderful selection of seeds which become crisp and toasted on baking.

I serve mine with an oven-baked jacket potato and my amazing Garlicky Lemony Green Beans
(Click HERE for the recipe)
You can't really go wrong!

Economical, tasty and nutritious.



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