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CUPBOARD LOVE : Heck Chicken Sausages

I'm sure many of you know about these fabulous little herby chicken sausages by now. They're an amazing find at 1sp/72kcal for TWO sausages!
They are tasty, not too small, gluten free and low fat so are a fabulous addition to a cooked breakfast or brunch dish.

The reason I've included them in my Cupboard Love section is because I have a yummy recipe coming up which features them as its main ingredient so wanted to make sure you were stocked up! 
They're available in most major supermarkets. I bought mine in Tesco.


Warning!-check the packaging carefully when you buy as the pork ones are packaged similarly and are MUCH higher in Smartpoints/calories! 

Here's a quick Smartpoints ready reckoner for you so you can see the difference;


By Heck they're good!


Unknown 28 January 2016 at 17:03

Love em, seems like they have cut down on the garlic lately

seenthelight 29 January 2016 at 17:09

I love them as you know and it is good to have the SP details.

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