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CUPBOARD LOVE : Garlic Puree

I've recently discovered and started using this product in some of my dishes-it's delicious! Although I love the fresh stuff too, this garlic puree adds a wonderful, tasty garlic flavour to dishes without that very strong flavour you get from raw garlic.

The puree comes boxed. Inside you'll find a tube. Once open keep it in the fridge-it last a while as it's preserved in sunflower oil.

It's 0sp/20kcal per teaspoon, so if you use 2 teaspoons or 1 tablespoon you'll need to charge 1sp.

You can add a teaspoonful to a teaspoon of avocado oil for 1sp/60kcal before frying, or add a teaspoonful to salad dressing-I love it with tahini and yoghurt as a dip or dressing.
Obviously you can add it to all sorts of soups and sauces too.

A lovely and reasonably-priced seasoning to keep in your larder. This particular brand is around 80p a tube-you'll find lots of alternatives wherever you shop.




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