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RECIPE : Parsnip & Lemon Soup with Apple Vermicelli

This time of year we're all looking for interesting new flavours for our staple soups. My parsnip and lemon combo is completely delicious - thick, warming and refreshing all at the same time! The apple vermicelli adds a sweet crunch which really compliments the thick richness of the parsnip. The lemon adds a gentle tang.

It's perfect for a NoCount/Filling & Healthy day and also only 3sp/2pp/approx 130kcal per serving.

You could turn this into a really show-stopping dish by topping the soup with a Roast Parsnip & Apple Skewer
(Click HERE for recipe)
This would make a really fabulous starter for Christmas day and adds another 3sp/2pp/approx.110kcal per portion or is suitable for a NoCount/Filling & Healthy day.


YOU WILL NEED : (Serves 4)

400g parsnips
2 medium onions
1 clove garlic
3 low salt Oxo cubes
(chicken or vegetable)
1.5 litres water
juice of 1 lemon
black pepper to taste

To serve:

30g Total 0% fat Greek yoghurt thinned with
2 teaspoons water
2 eating apples

optional; Roast Parsnip & Apple skewers


Chop the onion, garlic and parsnip. Add the water to the pan and bring to the boil.
Add the Oxo cubes and cook for around 30-40 minutes until the parsnip is very soft.
Blitz using a hand blender until you have a beautiful silky-smooth soup.

Add black pepper and the juice of up to one lemon according to your personal taste.

When ready to serve, peel the apples and cut into thin strips of 'vermicelli' using a julienne peeler or spiralizer. Make the strips as long as possible.

Mix the yoghurt with the water to thin until it is the consistency of single cream.

Pour the soup into serving bowls.
Gently spoon 5 or 6 blobs of the yoghurt onto the surface of the soup.

Using a bamboo skewer or cocktail stick, 'drag' the yoghurt mixture around in a circular motion to make an appealing design.

I trace it around three or four times to produce this pretty whispy effect.

Put a generous handful of the apple vermicelli in the centre then sprinkle with sumac for a spectacular finish.

If using the roasted parnip and apple skewers, lay the stick suspended over the soup as the crowning glory to this presentation.

Each recipient then pulls the contents of their skewer off their own stick and drops it into the hot soup to warm and soften, soaking up the delicious flavours.





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RECIPE : Sausage Wrap Rolls

Here's a lovely simple idea...nothing too taxing, simple ingredients and a delicious and filling breakfast or snack idea.
This is a low-fat way to enjoy a sausage-roll type snack without all the pastry. Succulent, herby, griddled sausages are encased in a crisp, toasted, condiment-lined shell.

These workout to 2sp/2pp/approx.110kcal each


You Will Need : (for 4 sausage rolls)

4 Reduced Fat Sausages
or vegetarian sausages

(My calculations are based on Weight Watchers sausages. If you use a different brand or vegetarian option, please check the propoint/calorie values.

 1 Warburtons Square Wrap

2 teaspoons Tomato Ketchup
1 teaspoon mustard

To Serve;
2 teaspoons Brown Sauce

NB. I have allowed for condiments in my calculations. If you use any more, you will need to charge for the sp/pp/calories.


Cook the sausages in a little Frylight oil in a griddle pan, turning every few minutes to ensure an even colour. Make sure they are cooked through thoroughly- around 15 minutes.

Cut the wrap into 4 equal pieces.

Pop half a teaspoon of ketchup and a dot of mustard on each piece of wrap.

Spread with the back of a teaspoon.

Check that the sausages are fully cooked.

Take each quarter wrap and place a cooked sausage at one end.

Place on a clean, flat surface and roll the wrap really tight to encase the sausage.

Handle carefully and place the sausage wrap roll 'seam-side-down' into the hot pan. Press firmly. This will help to 'seal' the edge.

Repeat with all the ingredients. Once sealed, turn every few minutes until you have a beautifully even, toasted finish.

Serve with 1/2 teaspoon brown sauce per wrap to dip into....

...or as a breakfast dish with some 0pp griddled veggies, such as giant mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, to make it more filling.


A deliciously perfect snack!



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RECIPE : Marshmallow 'Sparklers'

Bonfire Night has crept up on me!
Its such a colourful, fun celebration, I wanted to make a simple treat that reflected all the gorgeous vibrant colours of the night.


 Just because you may be losing or maintaining weight, there's no need to miss out on fun traditions. Sometimes we simply have to find low-fat ways of incorporating some treats so that we can enjoy ourselves just like everyone else.
These will appeal to kids and adults, young and old, Weight Watcher or not. They're a chocolatey, gooey treat but won't break the Smartpoints bank! I thought they would also lend themselves to being easily consumed outside in the freezing night air without having to remove your gloves. Always a good thing on a chilly, November night.


These gorgeous Marshmallow 'Sparklers' are 1sp/1pp/approx.50kcal each.


You Will Need:

8 Marshmallows
10g Plain chocolate
2 teaspoons sugar sprinkles
Bamboo skewers


These really need no explanation...
Simply melt the chocolate. Pop the marshmallows onto bamboo skewers. Dunk the top of the marshmallows into the chocolate...straight into some sprinkles, then leave to set in glasses, a jug or a vase.

If you don't have any bamboo skewers, these look equally gorgeous in tiny petit-four cases. I like to use hundreds & thousands and sugar strands to add some variety, colour and texture to these fun little treats.


Wishing you a fun, safe Bonfire Night.
Whoosh! Bang! Squidge! 



These also look gorgeous in tiny little petit four cases on sticks. I stuck them into a base made of florists polystyrene for a fab display.


There's now a fabulous tutorial on my YouTube channel to show you how to make this recipe step-by-step!

Click HERE to see it.

Don't forget to subscribe to the channel then you will be automatically updated every time there's a new film fresh from the Slice of Slim kitchen!
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HALLOWEEN!! : Transforming Trick-or-Treaterpillars

Here's my crazy Halloween idea for this year!


These tantalising tangerines look just like miniature Halloween pumpkins.
However...once untied and unrolled, they magically TRANSFORM into evil little edible bugs!
They are a
all rolled into one! 

Great fun and easy to make with the kids and each one is only


(Makes 4 Trick-or-Treaterpillars)

4 tangerines
20g plain chocolate
20g white chocolate

4 tablespoons sugar sprinkles 
(I used these orange & black Halloween ones)

12 white micro marshmallows

2 liquorice laces cut into short strips
(either strawberry or black-I cut the black ones from liquorice pinwheels)


Start by gently slicing through the peel of the tangerines about 1/3 of the way down the fruits. Try not to cut the flesh.

Take off the top section of peel and discard.

Repeat on the other side then make one cut through the peel so that you can open it up between 2 segments.

Leaving the strip of peel attached, gently separate each segment so that they sit in a pleasing line.

Roll the fruit back up then melt the chocolate. Pop the sugar sprinkles in a small dish.

Holding the tangerine together firmly, coat the exposed fruit with melted chocolate using a teaspoon.

Dunk straight into the sprinkles.

Repeat on the other end of the fruit, then immediately unfurl onto greaseproof paper to set. Repeat with the rest of the tangerines.
This recipe gives you enough chocolate to make 2 dark and 2 white bugs.
Make sure you have a little chocolate left for final decorations.

Cut the marshmallows into tiny pointed 'teeth' using scissors.

Using a teaspoon, coat the front of the first segment of each fruit with chocolate.
This will become the face of the Trick-or-Treaterpillar.

Make 2 dark chocolate and 2 white chocolate faces. Before the chocolate sets, press the marshmallow 'teeth' along the edge.

Make 2 blobs for eyes. Use white chocolate on the dark faces and dark chocolate on the white.

Using the end of a skewer or a cocktail stick, blob a contrasting colour of chocolate to make the eyes come to life.

Don't worry about making them too perfect-they look more comical if they're a bit wonky!

To make legs, simply dip one end of the liquorice strips into melted chocolate.

Wedge the legs into the base of the segments of the tangerine.
Arrange in pairs down the body of the bug. Make about 4 pairs per bug.

When you have finished decorating, pop them  onto greaseproof paper.
To use up the remaining chocolate, randomly 'flick' it in all directions from a teaspoon over the bodies of the bugs. The higher you hold the spoon, the finer the lines will be.
Pop into the fridge for about 20-30 minutes to set firmly.

Once set, roll the bugs back up. Secure the gap with a little masking or washi tape.

Tie with a piece of rustic string to finish.

Arrange on your serving dish.

As each person takes their bug, they perform their own trick by untying the 'pumpkin'...

...and letting the cheeky
Trick-or Treaterpillars
loose before scoffing! 


Happy Halloween!