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CUPBOARD LOVE : Laughing Cow Mini Cravings

It's so funny how things go around in circles....when I was a little girl with a packed lunch, this is just how I remember Laughing Cow Cheese! So when I saw these pretty little cubes recently, I had a nostalgic feeling about them and thought I'd give them a go.

Of course, it's about 40 years on now, so they've funked up the packaging somewhat- It's not the most exciting cheese on earth, but I love these little jewel-like offerings. They are really pleasing to open...

...they tear open perfectly without squashing the soft cheese inside.

There's a great selection of flavours ranging through smoked cheese, blue cheese, 3 cheese, smoked ham, cheddar and my personal favourite-garlic and herb.

They are 14kcal per cube so you can have three for 1pp.




eggs 17 October 2015 at 19:24

Omg, I have been going on about these for years, I remember them from when I was very young and no one else seemed to know what I was talking about! I used to call them cheesy Oxo cubes.

Janey 17 October 2015 at 21:43

you must be a similar age to me then! xx

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