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SMASH & GRAB : Fresh Salad Bruschetta

I'm on a 'back to basics' campaign at the moment! I could make a million excuses, but basically I've gained a few pounds recently by being a little slapdash with my weighing and tracking. For someone like me who has no natural stop button when it comes to food, this is why the WeightWatchers system works so well for me. If you follow it by the book and do 'what it says on the tin' it really is possible to lose or maintain your weight effectively. That's my preferred method-but if you find that counting calories or another system suits you better just decide which one you're going to use and stick with it.

The only stumbling block is mindset! Why our brains play these tricks on us I do not know....but for me, the turning point was putting on a brand new suit I bought a few months ago which fitted like a dream....and even with half a stone gain, it just didn't fit properly any more!
So after an honest chat with myself and asking a couple of WeightWatcher buddies of mine for some moral support, I'm back in the zone!

 It's so important to make new and refreshing dishes when we've been feeling a little stagnant- time to remind our bodies that food can be yummy and delicious but still help us to achieve our goals! I make a point of no negative words like 'guilt' or 'naughty' or 'bad' when I'm in one of these phases...maybe I went a little 'off-piste' for a while but I'm back on it now and raring to go! It's amazing how quickly you can see results once you're back on track...and that only helps to propel a positive mindset and the incentive to continue.


Fresh Salad Bruschetta 5pp/approx.200kcal

So...back to this gorgeous little bruschetta. I ate mine for breakfast, but its a lovely light lunch or starter too.

YOU WILL NEED : (per bruschetta)

1 flatbread
(like a folded pita bread but more squidgy. I buy mine in Sainburys-they're 3pp/98kcal each or two for 5pp)

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3 tomatoes
1/4 of a cucumber

50g reduced fat salad cheese (feta style)
black pepper/herbs/nigella seeds

Simply toast the flatbread.
(leave it folded to toast)

Unfold, then pop the toasted side on the plate leaving the bready side upwards.

Dice the tomatoes and cucumber.
Heap onto the bread.

Crumble the cheese and sprinkle randomly on top.

Finally sprinkle with dried herbs/nigella seeds/black pepper-what ever you have.