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SMASH & GRAB : Easter Nest Rolls

Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know that I have a very sweet tooth and that I'm always coming up with lovely low-fat goodies to help satisfy my cravings...but I thought, as a refreshing change from sweet things this Easter, I'd bring you these gorgeous, palate-cleansing cabbage rolls! They're a great way to save on carbs too-especially if you're having a few chocolatey treats.


These fresh bright green Savoy cabbage leaves sit on the plate like little Springtime bowls filled with shredded carrot nests, low fat feta, fragrant basil leaves and a kick of sweet chilli sauce. They're so quick to make, roll up like a dream and make a crisp, fresh, filling snack for 2pp/approx.120kcal the lot!


YOU WILL NEED : (per portion)

3 raw Savoy cabbage leaves
1 teaspoon sweet Thai chilli dipping sauce
1 carrot
50g light Greek-style cheese
(low fat feta)
basil leaves
black pepper/lemon pepper


Arrange 3 cabbage leaves onto your serving plate. Drizzle with 1 teaspoon of sweet chilli sauce.
Savoy cabbage leaves work well for this as they are very thin and pliable and easy to digest when raw.

Using a julienne peeler or coarse grater, shred the carrot then distribute equally between the cabbage 'bowls'.

The carrot looks like a vibrant, funky nest, nestled in its cabbage container.

Next, dice the low fat Greek-style cheese into tiny cubes and pop into the carrot nests.

Finally, scatter with a few freshly torn basil leaves and season with black pepper. I'm crazy about lemon pepper at the moment-it really brings this dish to life!

Serve open like this for a vibrant touch of Springtime.

To eat, simply roll the stalk edge into the centre of the leaf...

Then bring the outer edge of the leaf to meet in the middle. If it's a large leaf, you can fold the sides in as you would a regular wrap.

You should have a lovely, neat roll that contains the filling perfectly.

Tuck in and enjoy!




To Ring the Changes...

Try using other ingredients as your of my favourites is houmous, warm crisp falafel and chilli sauce.
I use 2 Cauldron falafel
and 30g low fat houmous.
This works out to 6pp/approx. 250kcal

Experiment with your own combinations!



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