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RECIPE : Courgette, Mint & Feta salad in a Lime dressing

How I love a huge mound of salad!
This one was extra fun to make as I got to try out my new spiralizing gizmo! Don't worry if you don't have one of these-obviously the salad will be just as delicious if the courgette is julienned, grated or cut into thin strips.
The courgette is drenched in a beautiful limey dressing then sprinkled with crumbled feta, dried mint and some crushed pistachios to finish. It's refreshing, creamy and toasty all rolled into one!


This works out to 3pp/approx.150kcal per portion.


YOU WILL NEED : (Serves 4)

4 medium-large courgettes (zucchini)
1 freshly squeezed lime
1 teaspoon low salt soy sauce
1 tablespoon water
freshly ground black pepper
200g reduced fat Greek style cheese
(low fat feta)
1-2 teaspoons dried mint
8 pistachio nuts


4 teaspoons tahini paste
(Add 1pp/30kcal per portion)


In a large mixing bowl, combine the lime juice, soy sauce, water and pepper. Taste. I sometimes add a splosh of sweetened sushi vinegar or some rice vinegar and a little sweetener-adjust to your personal preference.

If you have a spiralizer, halve the courgettes and spiralize into long strands. Otherwise, keep them whole and cut or julienne into long strips.

The gadget takes a little mastering but once it's in action it's a courgetti spaghetti machine! I made some strips that were about 1.5 metres long! Honestly!

As you complete each courgette, toss the spirals into the dressing and turn by hand to coat evenly.

Heap the dressed courgette into high mounds in 4 individual serving bowls.

Weigh out 50g low fat feta per portion and crumble roughly into each bowl.

Sprinkle with the dried mint.

Chop the pistachios finely.

Then top each salad with a quarter of the crunchy toasty nuts.

If you like, you can drizzle each one with a teaspoon of tahini. Just remember to add the extra pp/kcal if you do so!





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