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RECIPE : Overnight Soakie Cinnamon & Banana Oats served with Honey

I've heard so much recently about oats that you prepare with yoghurt and fruit and leave to soak overnight so that you wake up to a delicious brekkie. I thought that it sounded like a really simple, filling and yummy I've come up with my own Slice Of Slim 'Soakie Oats' version....I'm hooked!
This has to be the easiest breakfast on the planet.
My first attempt uses cinnamon, raisins and banana with honey but there are so many variations you could make depending on your personal preferences, seasonality or just what you have in the fridge!


My Soakie Oats work out to 6pp/approx.350kcal per portion plus an extra 1pp/22kcal for the optional honey


YOU WILL NEED : (per portion)

30g porridge oats
(I like the chunky ones)
15g raisins
150ml soya/skimmed milk
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon artificial sweetener
1 banana
60g low fat Greek yoghurt
(I used Total 2% or 0% fat)


To Serve (Optional)
1 teaspoon runny honey


Take a small preserving jar and pop the oats in the base. You could recycle a jam jar if you don't have a posh one!

Scatter the raisins on top.

Cover the oats and raisins with the skimmed or soya milk. Add the cinnamon and sweetener. You could replace the sweetener with a teaspoon of honey if you prefer, just remember to add the pp/kcal accordingly.

Slice the banana on the top.

Stick the jar onto your scales and top with 60g yoghurt. You could use a flavoured low fat yoghurt here if you prefer-just adjust the pp/kcal if necessary.

No need to stir at this stage-just screw the lid on...

...and stick it in the fridge overnight to do its funky stuff!

In the morning, remove the lid and give the contents a really good mix. You'll find soft, cinnamon oats, fat swelled raisins, sweet banana and creamy yoghurt combining to form a delicious breakfast feast.

Serve straight from the jar with some honey on the side.

One teaspoon of honey drizzled on the top really adds to the comforting and delicious experience! You could also add a few seeds or chopped nuts at this stage-just remember to add any extra pp/kcal.





Indigo 18 February 2015 at 08:38

I must have done something wrong! I made this last night but it doesn't look half as yummy as yours :(

Unknown 7 February 2016 at 17:56

Janey can you warm this up?

Janey 7 February 2016 at 18:11

Hi there- I can't see why you couldn't heat it up! X

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