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RECIPE : Box of Choccy Fruits

A few weeks ago, just after Christmas, you may recall that I suggested saving empty plastic chocolate boxes for this years Valentine's Day idea!
This makes a gorgeous little gift for any occasion or is fabulous to serve with coffee after dinner with friends too. 
We had a Ferrero Rocher box hanging around and these are just perfect for my choccy fruit idea.


Here's a great comparison for Ferrero Rocher chocolate is 2pp/73kcal...the whole box of 15 comes to 31pp/1095kcal. 
My whole box of choccy fruits is 5pp/approx. 220kcal!



1 empty Ferrero Rocher box
(15 choccy size)

15 petit four cases
5 strawberries
5 pieces chewy dried banana
5 soft dried apricots
22g chocolate
(plain, milk or white)


Fill the spaces in the chocolate box with petit four cases. Select even-sized fruits.

Melt the chocolate over hot water or in the microwave until a runny consistency.

Half-dip all the fruits and leave to set on greaseproof parchment.

Any remaining chocolate can be flicked over the fruits in a random style using a teaspoon. It looks messy at this stage, but really professional once set!

Once thoroughly set
(around 45 minutes to an hour),
arrange the fruit in lines in the box.

The finished fruits look so appealing and professional!

This is one box of chocolates you don't have to feel guilty about devouring...and if you're feeling generous, there's plenty to share too!




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