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CUPBOARD LOVE : Choc Shot by Sweet Freedom

Some of you may already know this product, but for those of you choccy lovers out there who don't, this one's for you!


This liquid hot chocolate is sold on the drinking chocolate aisles of most well known supermarkets. It retails at about £3.50 for a 320g tube which may seem expensive, but goes a long way if you use it wisely.
Personally, I'd forget the whole hot chocolate angle-I think there are better, more satisfying low fat drinking chocolates out there. But as a chocolate-fixing drizzle on fruit, yoghurt, porridge, granola etc, or as a spread for toast or crumpets, it really hits the spot!

The mixture is very thick, rich and luxurious, so you don't need to use much of it for that comforting chocolate flavour we all crave. Because it is totally natural and sweetened with natural fruit extracts, it has an underlying fruity taste with the strong chocolate flavour which is why it compliments fresh fruit so well.

As it contains only natural sugars from the fruit extracts, the propoints/calories are kept quite low.

1 teaspoon (5g)is 1sp/0pp/13.7kcal
1 tablespoon (15g)is 2sp/1pp/41kcal

It's easily dispensed straight from the non-drip packaging. So I'd advise to always pop your chosen bowl of fruit/porridge/yoghurt etc onto your scales, recalibrate back to zero then drizzle to your desired weight. Please don't guess - it's very easy to use way too much and sabotage your efforts! Remember-you only need to go over your limit by a small amount each day for it to gradually build up and add unwanted propoints/calories to your daily intake resulting in a weight gain.
I'm a stickler for these details!


This product is;


Suitable for diabetics

Has no artificial colouring flavouring or preservatives

GM, dairy and gluten free

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

Made in the UK


All in all it's a healthy chocolate lover's gift in a bottle. They've also launched new orange spice and coconut varieties now!
(Orange available at Tesco, Coconut at Holland & Barrett)

If you want to find out more, here's a link to their website (Click HERE)


Dawn 10 January 2015 at 18:44

I forgot to get this today because it was not on my list lol. It's now on the next one, so will try this later in week. I'm thinking the frozen cherries you previewed months ago would be gorgeous with some of this.

Dawn 12 January 2015 at 16:22

Bought it today, it's lovely, just had an apple with a teaspoon of it. Perfect sweet fix for no PP too!
Thanks Janey, I would never have picked it up if I hadn't seen your review.

Janey 12 January 2015 at 16:28

Hi Dawn! Love the cherry idea and so pleased you enjoyed the choc shot with your apple! Thanks for letting me know! x

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