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RECIPE : Tiramislim

Tiramisu is a classic favourite, however
traditionally it's very rich, creamy and crammed with high fat ingredients.
I've come up with a slimmed-down version for you which I've called Tiramislim!
It's extremely simple to make and sticks very closely to its original roots; coffee-soaked sponge fingers, layers of creamy vanilla and grated chocolate.


I decided to serve mine in decorative coffee cups as, not only does the dessert lend itself to this presentation, it's also a great way to monitor the serving size.
As this is so rich, you actually don't need a huge amount but this recipe gives you all the right hits in all the right places! 
If you don't have any coffee cups, then large ramekins work equally well.


My research shows me that an average portion of tiramisu in a restaurant is anything from 12pp-17pp/approximately 500-700kcal.

My tasty Tiramislim works out to 4pp/approx.160kcal per portion


YOU WILL NEED : (Serves 4)

8 sponge finger biscuits

a mug of medium/strong black coffee

140g lightest Philadelphia cream cheese

270g Total Greek yoghurt
(I used the 2% fat version
but you can use 0%)

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

3 teaspoons artificial granular sweetener

40g dark chocolate


Make a mug of black coffee
(fresh or instant coffee both work well)
and pop into a shallow bowl to cool off.

Mix the cream cheese with the sweetener and blend well.

Add the vanilla extract then gradually beat in the yoghurt, mixing thoroughly to form a lovely smooth mixture.

Set yourself up with a little work station so that all the components are at an arm's reach.

It's a good idea to cut the chocolate into 4 equal servings so that each portion has the correct amount.

Organise your serving dishes and have them to hand.

Cut each sponge finger in half.

Dunk two halves of sponge finger per portion into the coffee. Allow to soak through but don't allow them to be too soggy.

Pop two halves of soaked biscuits into the base of each coffee cup or ramekin dish.

Using a measuring spoon to allocate even portion sizes, add enough yoghurt/cream cheese mixture to each serving to cover the biscuits. Leave plenty of mixture for a second layer.

Grate or chop the chocolate finely then add half to this layer, saving half for the top.

Repeat the process all over again; coffee soaked sponge fingers...

...followed by creamy vanilla...

...finishing with grated or chopped chocolate.

I used a combination of coffee cups and ramekins-I quite like the mismatched look!
Once completed, cover and pop into the fridge.
This is a great little dessert that can be made up to two days in advance until you are ready to devour it.




To ring the changes...

Try adding a layer of drained, tinned black cherries (in juice) to give a hint of black forest gateau.


Try adding some clementine or tangerine zest between the layers to give a fragrant punch.


Try adding some cointreau
(2pp/80kcal per 25ml measure)
or your favourite tipple to the sponge finger layer...
Baileys (2pp/81kcal per 25ml measure)
would be good!
Remember to adjust the propoints/calories accordingly.

You could use 1-2 shots between all 4 portions.




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