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CUPBOARD LOVE : Frozen Mashed Potato

Confession time! Although I'm a confident home cook, I still struggle with decent poached eggs and mashed potatoes as part of my repertoire!
Seriously though, as you know, I'm always looking for simple methods for portion control so even if you're a mashed potato maestro this could come in useful for you from time to time-especially if you're short of time or making individual portions.


I happened to buy this in the frozen section in Waitrose, however my sources tell me that you can buy these little frozen tubes of mash in Sainsbury's, Tesco, Iceland, Morrissons and the Co-Op.

These potato tubes work out to 0pp/12kcal each.
You can have 3 for 1pp,
up to 7 for 2pp
and up to 10 for 3pp

(My calculations are based on each tube weighing 15g so please check according to the brand you use).

NB You can't use this as a Filling & Healthy ingredient as it contains butter.


Simply count out the amount of tubes you require. I find that 7 tubes works well for a small portion because I 'pad' it out with natural yoghurt.

Cover with clingfilm and microwave for 1-2 minutes.

Mash gently using a fork to break up the tubes.

As an option, you could add 50g Total Greek yoghurt (0% or 2% fat) for an extra 1pp/28kcal/34kcal. Season well with black pepper.

Serve as an accompaniment to your main meal.


Lazy mash!


Nikki 19 December 2014 at 15:34

If you want perfect poached egg use these from Tesco:

Used them for the first time last weekend and got perfect white and runny yolk for the first time in ages.

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