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RECIPE : Crushed Butterscotch Chocolate Discs

I was inspired to make these lovely little chocolate treats after I bought some delicious butterscotch candies at my WeightWatchers meeting the other day. 

At 2pp/97kcal for the whole box, they're a fabulous little sweet fix. They remind me of the centre of a Daim bar-one of my favourites-that creamy, almondy butterscotch flavour. So I thought it would be fun to invent a little chocolatey treat of my own.
These sweeties are only available in WeightWatchers meetings or online, so if you can't get hold of any, Werther's Originals make a great alternative.


The finished homemade chocolate discs work out to 1pp/approx.35kcal each.


YOU WILL NEED : (Makes 8 discs)

50g plain/milk or white chocolate
4 WeightWatchers butterscotch candies
2 Werther's Originals


Put the sweets into a small freezer bag.

Using a rolling pin or heavy spoon, crush the sweets. Leave some small chunky pieces and crush some almost to a sand-like texture.

Melt the chocolate then using a teaspoon, make 8 small flat circular discs onto silicone-coated baking paper.

Using your fingers, simply scatter the crushed butterscotch equally between all 8 discs. Make sure each one has chunky pieces and fine sandy glittery sprinkles.

Allow to set completely. Try to resist putting them in the fridge as they will get condensation on them.

Once set hard, peel the discs off the baking paper and arrange on a pretty serving plate. These are delicious with a cup of coffee!

If you want to give the chocolates as a gift, these little paper loaf cases are perfect. 

The loaf cases hold 8 chocolate discs perfectly stacked on their side.

Wrap in cellophane and tie with pretty string for a professional finish.
A wonderfully easy, reasonably-priced artisan style gift!





Try using other flavours of WeightWatchers sweets such as Strawberries & Cream or Smooth Mint.


Try 6g flaked almonds or pistachios, crushed roughly.

Try finely sliced lemon or Orange peel.


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Rachel 9 November 2014 at 20:58

Such a fantastic idea, especially for Christmas! I have been wanting to try tempering chocolate for a while as well so I will practice with these.

Rachel x
The Inelegant Wench

Janey 10 November 2014 at 08:01

Hi Rachel! I promise I didn't do anything as technical as that! Simply melted and blobbed the chocolate! Hope you enjoy xxx

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