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CUPBOARD LOVE : WeightWatchers Hot Chocolate Flavours

These new hot choccies from WeightWatchers are just a little bit yummy!
They have managed to capture the flavours of

'Cappuccino Cream Cake'

 'Jaffa Cake'

and 'Chocolate Cherry Brownie'
really well in powder form.

Personally, I find the hot chocolate quite watery when made into a drink so I often add a tiny splosh of milk on the top to enhance the appearance and flavour.
You use 3 heaped teaspoons with a mug of boiled water for a lovely 1pp/38kcal chocolate fix. Each sachet contains 8 servings. They are £1.49 per bag and are often on a deal if you buy two at a time.


Remember these flavoured powders make a great addition to low fat natural yoghurt or frozen banana 'icecream' for a fabulous low propointed dessert. Just add the powder dry and mix well.
Click HERE for a link to the banana 'icecream' recipe.




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