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CUPBOARD LOVE : Tesco Healthy Living Salads

Whoever has designed the Healthy Living range at Tesco is either a seasoned dieter or understands the mind of someone who is trying to lose or maintain weight, expertly.

I say this because it's all very well being able to buy a pot of reduced fat salad in the supermarket, but Tesco have taken it a step further.

Their reduced fat coleslaw and potato salads come ready-weighed into 3 separate portions-excellent! Especially if you are time short or want something easy to take to work in a packed lunch.
(Or you know you're the kind of person that might 'guesstimate' the portion size, or might not be bothered to weigh it accurately)

They even calculate the propoints, per portion on the back of the sleeve for you.
(The coleslaw is 3pp/102kcal per portion, the potato salad is 2pp/88kcal per portion)

Even better...once you've thrown the outer packaging away, the containers are individually labelled with a 'Use by' date, so you can keep tabs on the freshness.

The little plastic boxes are great to wash and reuse afterwards for grapes or carrot sticks etc.


And the flavours? They are very much like any standard shop-bought salad- the coleslaw is quite tangy- lovely to top a jacket potato or 'fake bake'
(Click HERE for recipe).
 The potato salad is nice and creamy-yummy with some cooked chicken or salmon.
You could always add some natural yoghurt, lemon juice and some fresh herbs to dress them up a bit, but for convenience they get top marks from me!


Tesco-you've come up trumps!


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