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CUPBOARD LOVE : Tesco Roasted Mushroom Cannelloni

I spotted this Tesco Healthy Living dish this week so I picked one up to try. I normally have a quick salad or wrap at lunchtime but I was feeling chilly today, so decided to give this a go after my brisk walk by the river.

As promised, these Beautifully Balanced dishes are low in salt and fat. They never go into the 'red' zone on their packaging.
This dish is also suitable for vegetarians.

Tesco have even worked out the propoints for WeightWatcher customers-hassle free!

This dish is only suitable for reheating in a microwave, so don't oven bake it.


As soon as I pierced the lid I could smell the amazing aroma of the roasted mushrooms. After microwaving, the smell was fantastic!
I actually had to check that 7pp/284kcal was for the whole pack as it seemed amazing value for the portion size.
You could even serve this for 2 as a starter on a bed of wilted spinach.

There are two rolls of cannelloni, stuffed with generous amounts of large, juicy, roasted mushrooms, spinach and the perfect serving of creamy bĂȘchamel sauce.
Of course, you can eat straight from the packaging but I always think that if you take 20 seconds to present a ready meal in a dish as you would a home-cooked meal, it makes it much more enjoyable. Eating then becomes more conscious and not simply a refuelling process.

I scattered generously with some coarsely-ground black pepper and a sprig of basil before tucking in-this just adds to the homemade feel.

The flavours were perfect-the roasted mushrooms had a deep, rich flavour and a meaty texture perfectly suited to this dish. The spinach still had a wonderful bite and the bĂȘchamel was luscious and creamy.

This will be a regular occupant in my fridge and is now a Slice of Slim firm favourite!


Oh yes-one more thing...the packaging comes with a well-fitting lid which means that you have a great little airtight box afterwards. You could use it as a container for packed lunches or storing items in the fridge.


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beautifully made

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