It was my husband's birthday this week and we had eaten out a couple of times over the weekend, so I wanted to make him a healthy but beautiful birthday cake.
I had half a watermelon in the fridge and some berries that needed I invented a zero propoint fruit 'cake' for him. It was really terrific-it sliced up beautifully like a real cake too!


On the WeightWatchers plan, we're so lucky as all the fruit we eat is zero propoints, so we don't have to count this at all!
This would be appreciated so much by a friend or relative following any healthy eating plan-you would be showing them that you care without sabotaging their weight loss efforts in any way.

If you are counting calories, you'll have to calculate according to the amount of fruit you use. I estimate that the one I made was approximately 750kcal but would serve 8-10 people easily as it was huge! So 75kcal for a slice of 'cake' is pretty good!


1/2 a large watermelon
small punnet (around 200g) blueberries
small punnet (around 200g) raspberries
1 papaya
2 limes

Use the fruits you have or like the best-this is just a guide.


Cut the thick skin off the watermelon. Make sure you remove all the white flesh. 

You'll be left with a very pleasing dome shape. Using a large knife, cut an even slice from the bottom about 1 cm thick.

Pop the first slice onto a large serving plate. Remove any obvious seeds, but don't worry about them too much.

Squeeze lime generously over the surface-this helps to bring out the flavour.

Cover the slice with your first choice of fruit. I chose blueberries as I wanted to shade my 'fillings' from dark to, red, then orange.

Cut a second 1 cm slice from the melon.
I found the best way to achieve a lovely, even slice was to insert the knife, then slowly turn the melon and board with my other hand, so the knife remains still.

Squeeze lime juice over the melon again, then arrange the raspberries in an even layer.

Repeat with another slice of melon, then arrange slices of papaya. This time, squeeze the lime over the papaya as it really enhances the flavour.

Add one final slice, then create a design on the top using any remaining fruits and some fresh mint leaves.

This keeps beautifully in the fridge for a couple of days and cuts into perfect 'cake' slices!

Serve on its own, with a
WeightWatchers fromage frais,
some sweetened/flavoured Total 0% yoghurt
or even some
zero propoint banana 'ice-cream'
(Click HERE for recipe)
for a spectacular Summer dessert!


Watermelon Magic



You could make an amazing savoury version of this using red onion, mint and reduced fat feta (my favourite salad!)
Click HERE for the recipe.




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