SMASH & GRAB : Mango & Lime

This is one of the most mouth-wateringly delicious zero propoint snacks of all time! Sweet, soft mango served with zingy lime is an incredible experience-your tastebuds will be dancing all over the place!

Mangos are very easy and quick to prepare if you know here's my step-by-step guide to cutting one up with as little waste as possible.

Take the mango and stand it up vertically with the stalk at the top. Using a sharp knife, cut downwards as close as you can against the side of the large stone.(You can feel the stone with the knife, so curve it around the stone slightly as you cut through the flesh).

Pop the cut half to one side then repeat on the other side of the fruit.

You now have two fresh halves of mango.

Slice the peel from the piece containing the stone.

Carefully, make small cuts against the side of the stone then slice downwards along the stone to release cubed fruit into a bowl.

Next, take each cut half and let it nestle in the palm of your hand.

Very carefully, cut diagonally in both directions through the fruit but not through the skin, so that the flesh is cubed.

Run the knife as close as you can around the skin to release the cubes of mango.

You should end up with lovely chunks of mango and almost no wasted fruit remaining in the skin.

Pop the mango into a dish and squeeze generously with the juice of half a lime.
Lipsmackingly good!

Repeat the scoring with the remaining half of the mango. Serve it in the same way...

...Or, if you're prone to mad moments like me, turn the flesh inside-out with the skin still attached.

Pop onto a serving plate.

Add blueberry eyes, a raspberry nose and drench with lime juice.

A happy little mango hedgehog!
It's easy to cut the cubes of fruit off the skin using a knife and fork.

I always used to make these for my kids to encourage them to enjoy fruit but I find adults love them too!




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