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Smash & Grab: Fake Blue Cheese!

My husband loves blue cheese and although I believe in everything in moderation, with his previous heart problems I do like to try to avoid serving him anything with such a high fat content.
So, I decided to invent my own fake blue cheese!


This is great because you get the crumbliness and cheesy texture mixed with the lovely creamy smoothness of blue cheese with its distinctive tangy flavour.
As the weather has been so warm, we've been having some delicious salads recently. This little idea of mine works beautifully as a salad ingredient, or can be mixed with a little vinegar and water to make a fabulous blue cheese dressing.


The amount in my recipe comes to 4pp/approx.150kcal for the whole lot or 2pp/approx.75kcal per portion if serving 2.


YOU WILL NEED : (Serves 2)

50g reduced fat feta cheese
2 laughing cow (light) blue cheese triangles

If making into dressing

2 teaspoons Total 0% fat yoghurt
seasoned rice wine/white vinegar to taste
water to desired consistency

(Please note this does not affect the propoints)


Dice the feta into small cubes.

Add the blue cheese triangles.

Mix together roughly using a fork and pop into the fridge until needed. 

Weigh into 2 portions then take small amounts on a teaspoon and dollop onto a salad. If making salad dressing, reserve 2 teaspoons of the mixture.


To make the salad dressing :

Simply blend the reserved cheese mixture with Total yoghurt, a little vinegar and water until you have your desired consistency, then drizzle over your salad.






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