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CUPBOARD LOVE : New York Bakery Mini Bagels

I'm really loving these little guys at the moment. Often, 'mini' versions of something can be disappointing but these are great! They are quite chunky in their own way.
They have a really authentic chewy sweetness-just how true bagels should be, and are dusted with polenta-a lovely detail.


They come in 3 varieties;
plain, cinnamon/raisin and 50/50 wholemeal.

All range from 115kcal-119kcal per mini bagel.
This makes them 3pp each or two for 6pp.


The bagels freeze beautifully.
You can reheat them on a low-medium temperature for 10 minutes straight from the freezer where they become slightly crisp on the outside and decadently hot, steamy and chewy on the inside.




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