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CUPBOARD LOVE : Mornflake Gold Oatbran Granola with Nuts & Seeds

I've spent the last couple of weeks searching for the 'perfect granola'.
By this, I mean; the right amount of clusters, nuttiness, seeds, sweetness (without too much added sugar), low salt and general toasty yumminess.


Most commercial and even homemade granolas seem to work out to similar propoint/kcal values-around 3pp/120kcal for a 25g serving. So then you need to look carefully at the ingredients to see where they differ and sample a few until you find the perfect match for your tastebuds/personal requirements.


This Mornflake Gold Oatbran Granola with nuts and seeds is the one for me.
If you like lots of raisins/dried fruit in your granola, you may want to do your own search as this doesn't contain any.

The packaging is easy to tear open and reseals well, so no need for storage jars.
Rather than their suggested 45g serving at 6pp/213kcal, I like to use
25g for 3pp/approx.120kcal
 as a delicious, crunchy topping for mixed berries and a sliced banana. As it's not overly sweet, I sprinkle it over a
WeightWatchers fromage frais
(1pp/48kcal per serving)
This means that the granola goes further, lasts longer and is more economical on propoints/calories too.

This combination makes the most delicious and filling breakfast or dessert.


This brand ticks all the boxes for me and also carries an endorsement from Heart UK, a cholesterol charity. As you may know, this is a topic close to my own heart as my husband had a heart attack aged 50 and this is what prompted him to take responsibility for his weight and general health.
(This is why all my Slice-of-Slim recipes are healthy-heart friendly and low-salt as well as low in fat).


Little clusters of deliciousness.


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