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RECIPE : Tonia's Greek Lamb Pattie Tray Bake

Here's the second of Tonia Buxton's wonderful recipes that I learned to make at her inspirational masterclass with
FAGE Total Yoghurt a few weeks ago.
This is an easy, delicious and filling dish-great served with a simple Greek salad
(salad leaves, tomato, cucumber, red onion and feta).
Lamb is quite high in fat so traditionally, lamb recipes can result in rather steep propoint/calorie calculations.
If you make sure that you buy lean lamb mince and stick to a couple of the adaptations I've made to this recipe, you can keep this dish pretty low in fat but with no compromise on flavour!


This recipe works out to:

7pp/approx.350kcal per portion for the lamb patties and veggies

Add an extra:

2pp/80kcal per portion if you include the low fat feta

Add an extra:

1pp/approx.50kcal per portion if you add Tahini Sauce (highly recommended!)


YOU WILL NEED : (Serves: 4)

300g lean lamb mince
3 slices WeightWatchers thick sliced wholemeal bread  
1 egg, beaten
1 tsp ground cumin

4 red onions
(2 finely chopped for the patties,
2 cut into wedges to roast alongside)

Large handful mint, chopped

4 waxy new potatoes (40g each)
(ie charlottes cut into wedges)

4 courgettes, halved & quartered lengthways 

250g pack midi tomatoes on the vine 

2 unwaxed lemons cut into 6 wedges each

1 teaspoon olive oil
Frylight oil

100g low fat feta cheese, crumbled 

For the Tahini Yoghurt Sauce

50g 0% fat Total Greek Yoghurt
1 tablespoon Tahini (sesame) paste,
1 clove garlic, crushed
1 pinch sea salt
Juice of 1 lemon
Cold water to slacken, if needed


Heat the oven to 200C/400F/Gas6.

Put the breadcrumbs, the lamb mince, egg, plenty of seasoning and cumin in a bowl.

 Add the chopped onion and sprinkle in half the chopped mint.

Give everything a good mix and shape into 8 equal sized patties allowing 2 per portion.

Mist a large, shallow roasting tray with Frylight oil and add the patties.

Chop all the vegetables into chunky wedges and place in a bowl. Don't do as we did and take the tomatoes off the vine-leave them on for roasting...(Tonia gave us a good telling off for this-we were just too keen!)
Add the olive oil and mist with frylight to coat evenly. Season to your liking.

 Arrange the veggies and the lemons cut into wedges around the patties in a flat, even layer.

 Bake for around 40 minutes, turning and basting everything once halfway, until the lamb is cooked though and the vegetables are tender.

While the patties are baking, make the tahini sauce by mixing all the ingredients together. 
Keep tasting until it matches your personal preference- more lemon, less garlic etc. Add water in tiny amounts until it's a smooth, creamy consistency that you can easily 'dollop'.
Tonia calls this her 'ketchup'-she eats it with everything and I can understand why!

 Once cooked, remove the patties from the oven and sprinkle with the feta (if using). Pop back into the oven for a few minutes to melt the feta slightly if you wish. (Tonia recommends)
If not using feta, simply sprinkle with the remaining chopped mint before serving.

Serve with a Greek Salad and the tahini sauce.
If you don't use the low fat feta on your patties, you could add into the salad instead.

A completely luscious, tasty, wonderful dish-perfect for a simple family gathering and tastes like it was prepared by the Greek gods (or Goddesses in our case) themselves! The roast lemon adds yet another Heavenly dimension.





N.B. All photos not taken by me are courtesy of Satureyes Photography-many thanks!


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