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Hot Off The Press NEWS! : Greek Masterclass with Tonia Buxton and Total Yoghurt

I was lucky enough to be a guest of FAGE Total Greek yoghurt last week, where I spent the day with the amazing and hilarious TV cook Tonia Buxton, learning how to prepare some beautiful, traditional Greek dishes. 

This all took place at La Cucina Caldesi, a chic little Italian cookery school just off Marylebone High Street.

The sign had been cheekily sabotaged, so even as I walked into the venue, I knew that the feisty combination of Tonia and Total meant business and a fun day ahead!

An excited 'babble' of enthusiastic
food bloggers 

(A 'babble' has to be the collective name for a group of bloggers don't you think?)

grouped together to listen to Tonia and some of her funny anecdotes about growing up in a traditional Greek household, learning her cooking skills from her mother (despite the fact that she always had to do the washing up!)

As it was Easter week, Tonia shared some Greek recipes and traditions for this time of year. We played 'tsougrisma' (commonly known as egg-bashing!) using these vibrant eggs which had been dyed red for the occasion.

Of course, Tonia was very experienced in this game and gleefully, swiftly beat us all!

We gravitated into small groups of 4 or 5 people to cook the dishes. I was drawn towards these amazing girlies and we literally laughed (and tweeted!) all day!
After Tonia in the photo above we have;

...who has just had an incredible book published and was the cause of my crazy compulsion to make an ironed omelette shirt last week!

...from Taste Mauritius who runs amazing supper clubs and pop-up events

(No introduction necessary)

...from Lulabella's Kitchen. Lulabella and I have been cyber friends for a couple of years. Lucia writes a WeightWatchers-friendly blog and also has a catering business.
This was the first time we had actually met!

and the beautiful

Bailee Roberts (above left)

...from The Model Foodie joined us later.
Bailee is a model and blogs about wonderful, healthy clean eating.

(If you click on the names above, you will have the links straight through to their respective websites so you can see for yourselves what a talented bunch they are!)

As we were all enthusiastic cooks, we automatically assumed our roles within the team and swiftly produced some fabulous results!


 The recipes we made were delicious and even though traditionally served at Easter, they could be eaten any time of year.
So, I have taken my time to put each one through the WeightWatchers recipe builder so that I can give you accurate propoints for each one.
I have made a couple of teeny modifications where necessary to shave off a few propoints here and there.
I've decided to bring you one of Tonia's recipes per week over the next three weeks...


Firstly I'll be sharing;

Sea Bream Fillets with Olives,
Capers & Lemon
with a Yoghurt and Tahini Sauce

 These pan-fried fillets make a fabulous starter or light meal...the flavours in the topping are a taste of the Mediterranean!


Next, I'll share...

Greek Lamb Patties

These beauties are tray-baked with a selection of fresh vegetables and lemon with a sprinkling of feta...and a drizzle of the tahini sauce!


And finally...

Anarocrema Dessert

These gorgeous yoghurt-based desserts are easy and fun to make and TOTALLY delicious!
(get the pun?)


This was a day I will never forget...I count my blessings every day as a food blogger that I can experience something like this and bring back these inspirations to Slice-of-Slim to share with you all.


Thankyou to Emma and Alison at Total Yoghurt and Tonia for the most amazing day.


Many of the photos above are my own with the exception of those taken by the very talented Satureyes Photography


Beverley 26 April 2014 at 19:09

What a great time you all had and the recipe looks so so delicious . As I'm sitting here on Saturday night eating soup and watching Braking Bad I know wish I was making the sea bream! There is always tomorrow xoxo

Janey 26 April 2014 at 19:21

Absolutely Beverley! That seabream is quick, fresh and utterly delicious! Watch this space! x

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