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Cupboard Love: Tesco Healthy Living Primavera Risotto

As you know, I'm a bit of a fan of the new Tesco Healthy Living Range. I'm reviewing my favourite elements from the range on a regular basis.


Tesco seem to have really caught on to what we busy healthy eaters are after...wholesome, nourishing, tasty food that is low in fat and salt.

This Primavera Risotto is fabulous because it tastes really homemade and fresh. It's creamy and contains plenty of freshly-cooked peas, asparagus and baby spinach-and it's only 6pp/244kcal!
The propoints are already calculated for us Weight Watchers, and printed on the packaging.
It costs £3.25


The portion is a reasonable size but as you know, I'm a great one for tinkering with ready meals, so if you are particularly hungry, just serve it on a bed of wilted spinach or cook a load more broccoli.
You could serve one portion as a light starter for 2 people.

I happen to like my risotto really lemony and peppery so I always have a taste then play with the flavours to suit my personal preferences.
Don't be afraid to add your favourite seasonings to ready meals-think of them as a blank canvas to enhance.

And one last thing- the golden rule of ready meals is;
Always put them into a proper bowl and don't eat out of the plastic box-then you can convince yourself (and everyone else) you made it from scratch!




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