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Cupboard Love: Tesco Healthy Living Spiced Butternut with Fruity Pilaf & Feta

After my post on the Tesco Healthy Living launch last week
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I've decided to review some of my favourite products from the range on a regular basis.

This Spicy Butternut with Fruity Pilaf & Feta is one of their
Beautifully Balanced dishes.
It comes with a sumac and yoghurt dip.
It cost £3.25 and has 9pp/349kcals per pack.


Although I love cooking from scratch and using fresh ingredients, even I have the odd day when I'm too tired or busy to make a meal. So I thought I'd give this vegetarian dish a try.
I have a few little tricks up my sleeve when using supermarket ready meals...

Cook according to the packaging but always take care to present it attractively in a proper dish.
It seems much more homemade this way!

Serve it how you like it-instead of using the yoghurt as a dipping sauce as shown on the packaging, I drizzled mine over the hot meal-enhancing the melted, creamy feta and complimenting the soft butternut squash.

Have a taste but never be afraid to jazz up a ready meal to your personal taste. This dish was delicious but I wanted mine with a kick so I added a little chilli sauce!

Garnish with a few fresh herbs...and if you're really hungry, bulk out the meal with a load of wilted spinach!


My verdict: filling, delicious, great textures, loved the melted feta-very 'homemade' tasting- a definite yes from me!




Unknown 2 April 2014 at 20:41

Aw looks really tasty. I'm glad supermarkets are improving their ready meals and making them healthier, so easy just to pick up when you can't be bothered to cook! xx

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