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CUPBOARD LOVE : Twinings Green Tea in amazing flavours

I'm completely in love with this new range of green teas from Twinings. I've never been a big fan of regular red fruity teas but the flavours they have developed with a green tea base are phenomenal!


So far, we have tried Mango & Lychee, Fresh Mint, Pomegranate and the three featured here which are amazing! My personal favourite has to be the Salted Caramel variety. I have a sweet tooth, so the caramel ones really help to satisfy that, especially after a meal. Although the packaging doesn't recommend adding milk, I find with a small splash of soya/skimmed milk and one sweetener, this brings out all the flavours you can smell in the tea and provide a really satisfying sweet 'fix'.
(I wouldn't suggest putting milk in the fruity varieties though).
Highly recommended…and there are LOADS of other flavours to try too!

Best of all, they are 0pp/1kcal per cup.




Unknown 3 March 2014 at 08:27

Hi Janey, did you purchase these delicious sounding infusions in store or direct from Twinings? I have tried several local shops over the weekend but none had them. Thanks, Lynne

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