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USEFUL STUFF : Rotary Grater

I haven't written a gadget review for a while and when I found this rotary grater a few weeks ago I remembered what great little tools they are-especially in a low fat kitchen!
I had one of these years ago and I loved it. They are also known as mouli graters.
If you are anything like me and a bit of a klutz in the kitchen, then this is the grater for you! I often find if I'm using small amounts of cheese for example, every gramme counts…and with a regular grater there is always the dilemma -stop grating and waste a little amount of the ingredient, or carry on and risk grating a little bit of finger!

If you are short of space, this tiny little gadget is perfect as it will happily fit in a kitchen drawer. It consists of the main housing 'clamp' and three interchangeable stainless steel drums. One for coarse grating or shredding, one for fine grating and one for slicing. It's also dishwasher safe-always a winner in my book.

I often use these little pre-wrapped portions of cheese (Cathedral City) especially if I'm short of time or just making something for myself.
They are 1pp/50kcal for 12g cheese.
The grater will grate every single gramme of cheese with no waste at all.

Here's how…

Flip the top over…

Rest your chosen drum on the frame…
(I always use the fine one for cheese as it looks like a large amount when finely grated!)

Flip the top over the drum and add the cheese…

then fold the handle to clamp it firmly.

Holding the grater firmly in one hand, turn the handle on the drum with the other.

I turn the device sideways so that the grated cheese falls straight into the bowl.

This grater magically turns a very small amount of cheese into a decent portion to sprinkle onto a salad or a jacket potato with nothing left to waste and all fingers intact!

The slicer attachment is designed for carrot, cucumber, mushrooms etc…

Obviously, you have to chop the food quite small for it to fit into the housing, but then you end up with these pleasing little slivers of sliced veg-great for a salad or sandwich.

For more traditional grated carrot, or as a perfect solution for fiddly hard-boiled eggs, I would use the coarse grater/shredder.
It would also be fantastic for cauliflower 'rice' as grating raw cauliflower can be tricky.

These seem to range in price from around £9.99 to £12. I bought mine in Hobbycraft and it's made by Kitchen Craft. They are available online or from many other shops.




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