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USEFUL STUFF : How to Deseed a Pomegranate

I absolutely love pomegranates.
I use the seeds in many of my savoury and sweet dishes to add vibrant colour, a popping juicy texture and a sense of exotic luxury.

I've used various methods of extracting the seeds but I've finally invented THE method I would highly recommend.

Simply halve the fruit horizontally and place one half, seed-side-down into a freezer bag.
Holding the bag firmly in one hand, hit the fruit quite hard with a wooden or plastic spoon.
Do this all the way around. Check and repeat until all the seeds are released.
(You may be left with a few stubborn ones which you can pull out by hand).

This works even better if the bag is suspended slightly in the air so that the seeds are 'knocked out' of the shell on impact.
The bag will contain all the seeds and prevents a light covering of pink spots all over your clothing!

Very quickly, you will have a bag full of seeds and an empty shell to discard. You may have a few large sections of inedible white pith which can also be thrown away.

Hey presto!
A convenient little bag of juicy wonder.



Anonymous 18 February 2014 at 14:28

great way of deseed fruit ; so quick and easy :)

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