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SMASH & GRAB : 2 minute 'Naan' Bread

I invented this the other day when my son fancied something to eat with his curry and we didn't have any naan bread-it's amazing!
It works out to 5pp/179kcal 

I always keep my Warburtons Squareish Wraps in the freezer and this little idea definitely works best with a frozen one if possible as the steam keeps it 'bready' when cooked.

All you need per portion is a frozen white wrap spread with 2 teaspoons extra light spread and a sprinkle of nigella/black onion seeds. (You'll find these with herbs and spices in the supermarket-they look like black sesame seeds).

Pop straight under a piping hot grill and cook for about 2 minutes until the top is slightly toasted but the underneath remains soft. Because the wrap is frozen it kind of steams as well as toasts. If your wrap isn't frozen, cook more gently as you don't want it to burn.



Serve with my 0pp veggie curry and cauliflower rice-a whole meal for 5pp!
(Click HERE for recipe)

If you use a wholemeal version, these wraps are 5pp each so add an extra pp.




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