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Hot Off The Press NEWS! : Slice-of-Slim is 2 Today!

At the end of 2011, I started to photograph the foods I was making on a daily basis and popping them on my personal Facebook page. After a few positive comments, I soon realised I had a great deal to say and was bursting with ideas.
I had a tremendous need to share my recipes, tips and inspirations gathered along my personal weight loss journey.

So, exactly two years ago today, I asked my daughter how to start a blog. My lovely, patient girl helped me to set it all up, and even came up with the perfect name.
Thus, Slice-Of-Slim was born!

Excitedly, I put fingers to keyboard for the very first time and have never looked back.


In two years, I have...

 Written 354 posts...

...Had almost 500,000 hits/views.

…Built a loyal following of thousands of supporters from all over the world who connect; 

On the blog
Via Facebook
Instagram and Pinterest

(Click on your desired destination for a link!)

...A career as a food writer with a regular column in
Weight Watchers (UK) Magazine.
(Thanks River Group)!

And in 2014 I'm going to be working closely with WeightWatchers social media team on some fantastic projects!


Of course, I love everything about the process of blogging - creating recipes, styling and photographing my dishes alongside writing descriptively about the processes and flavours....but the most important aspect for me is supporting and inspiring all of you on your own journeys - whether that is weight loss, maintaining or just wanting to eat more healthily.


Thank you to all my supporters, friends and family who have been there every step of the way with me. I appreciate the fact that you constantly return to read my posts each day.
It wouldn't exist without you.

I'm still brimming with ideas, hopes and dreams for Slice-of-Slim, so lets see if 2014 is going to be another exciting year.


By the way, the 'Number 2' in the feature photo at the top of this page is a delicious Tomato Soup which is Simple Start and Filling & Healthy friendly...(Zero pp too!)
(Click HERE for recipe)


Keeping the joy of food alive by reducing the fat and retaining the yumminess!

All my love,
x x x


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