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USEFUL STUFF : Little Glass Jars

I love these dinky little glass jars, I bought them from Lakeland. There were quite a wide selection of shapes too. They're great for storing all those loose odds and ends of open packets of ingredients such as dried fruits and nuts in the larder, but also fabulous for homemade gifts.

They are wonderful for homemade chutneys and jams. I filled some with my homemade
Apple Harvest Chutney. 
(Click HERE for recipe)
I kept them in the original card trays but decorated them with washi tape to make them look a little more festive.

So, a quick reminder if filling them with food, is to pop them in the dishwasher first to sterilise them, then fill while still hot, with the hot chutney or jam.
You can individualise your little jars of goodies with handwritten tags and pretty string.


Very low cost little gifts and always much appreciated!


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