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By now you have probably realised that something exciting is going on with WeightWatchers for 2014!

This time of year, those of us established members start to worry that the systems we know and love are going to change, and wonder if we are going to have to learn a whole new WeightWatchers language.

All I can say is…

Simple Start is exactly what it says it is.
It's a really simple and straightforward introduction to healthy eating.


From the end of December...
If you are a brand new member to WeightWatchers, this is how you will be introduced to the plan in your first couple of weeks.

If you are a current member, it merely gives you more choices. So if you fancy a fresh start in the new year having over-indulged at Christmas, Simple Start might be exactly what you need.
However, if you are happy and comfortable with the system you currently use-counting Propoints or Filling & Healthy, you can just stick to those.


Simple Start uses Filling & Healthy foods but has been simplified even further. All will become clear when your leader explains in meetings, but here's a little heads up
for you...

You will be given a very concise list of foods and flavourings that you can eat FREELY-
that means... 

It's a very easy way to get going on a healthy eating plan. You will learn quickly about wholegrain foods, plus lean proteins such as meat and fish, alongside the heaps of fruit and vegetables - all of which you can eat freely and will keep you feeling full up throughout the day.

WeightWatchers have also built some treats into the Simple Start plan, so you can have a couple of those per day too.
(For current members this means you don't use your 49 weeklies as it's all built in).

They even supply you with a shopping list for your pocket or handbag so you don't get bamboozled when you hit the supermarket.
(Great idea!)


Simple Start is a focused approach to get you going. There will also be an app specifically for this plan which encourages you to take a 2 week challenge, supporting you all the way.
Then, new members will be gradually introduced to the next phase of Propointing and Filling & Healthy, giving greater variety and flexibility with food choices.


I will be starting a new category on
Slice-of-Slim called Simple Start
in order to support new members and current members who wish to give it a go.
The recipes won't have too many weights and measures unless really necessary, to give you total freedom in the kitchen.

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I've been trying Simple Start myself. It's really highlighted the foods that were missing from my diet (mostly wholegrains and pulses), made me go back to basics and rebalance the ratio of healthy foods and treats I eat on a daily basis. I have found that I have felt really full up on these foods with much less desire to snack between meals-even my beloved chocolate has taken a back seat!
(Don't fret though-it's on the treat list!)

I've been doing some exciting recipe development too. So if your fear is boredom, fear no longer-I've been working my Slice-of-Slim magic and used the foods from the list to invent some fabulous savoury and sweet ideas, including an amazing pizza which will be my first tailor-made Simple Start recipe to go on the blog in the near future!

To get you started, any of my current Filling & Healthy recipes that fit into the Simple Start category will be there already, so go and have a browse.


And finally…if that's not too much excitement for you, I can now tell you that Shelina Permalloo, past winner of Masterchef,(my personal favourite that year), is on board with WeightWatchers for next year!

I was lucky enough to meet her a couple of weeks ago at a Simple Start blogger event. 
(More about that in another post
-she is lovely!)

Shelina is following the WeightWatchers plan and having great success with it. She is an inspirational cook who puts together vibrant dishes using fabulous flavours and will be sharing her wonderful Simple Start recipes with you via WeightWatchers.


Simple Start.
Does exactly what it says on the tin.


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