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CUPBOARD LOVE : WeightWatchers Creme Fraiche

This WeightWatchers low fat creme fraiche is such a versatile little ingredient and a firm favourite in the Slice-of-Slim kitchen!


It's made from British milk in the West Country and you wouldn't have a clue it was low in fat as it tastes really rich and has a lovely smooth, silky texture.

It is only 1pp/23kcal for a 30g serving.

It's delicious dolloped as it is onto fruit crumble or even a spicy curry as a cooling agent. The flavour is creamy but with a slightly tangy hint.
The beauty of this is that it's neutral, so you can combine it with sweet or savoury flavours depending on the dish you are making.

I've used it in three different dishes over the Festive season this year.

My first dish was;

Pink Peppercorn & Dill Potato Latkes with Smoked Salmon.

I blended the creme fraiche with cooked beetroot to make the most incredibly vibrant and delicious topping for this dish.

(Click HERE for the link to this recipe)


My second recipe was;

Chocolate Rum & Raisin Frozen Puddings.

I incorporated the creme fraiche into my frozen banana 'ice-cream' recipe to make it rich and creamy, adding cocoa and rum-soaked fruits. Then, I combined some with melted white chocolate for a low fat but extremely decadent-tasting topping!

(Click HERE for link to this recipe)


My final recipe was;

Boxing Day Pie.

Here, I heaped left-over turkey, cranberry sauce and roasted vegetables into individual filo pastry pies before making a delicious thick, creamy mushroom sauce for the top layer using creme fraiche to add a luxurious finish to this recipe.

(Click HERE for link to this recipe)


So, you can see what a useful little pot of deliciousness this is and well worth keeping in the fridge to liven up every day dishes!



I was given a nominal contribution towards the basic ingredients for these dishes as I am taking part in a
blogger 'creme fraiche' challenge.

However, I would like to add that this is a product I know and love and use on a regular basis in my recipe development.

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