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CUPBOARD LOVE : M&S 5 Grain & 3 Seed Porridge

Sometimes, nutritional and dietary information can be really confusing to consumers. We hear conflicting reports about the foods we should be eating. One week we are told something is good for us only to be told another week that they are not so good after all.
I find, because I'm not nutritionally trained, that I get bemused and muddled so I tend to buy the foods I am used to and sometimes forget to try new ones, or introduce new foods into my diet.
One overwhelming message to consumers is that we should be adding less salt and more grains and seeds to our diets in order to be healthy and stay full up for longer.
This is helpful information, but sometimes I just forget to do it!


So, when I found this porridge in M&S recently, I thought it would be a great and simple way to easily increase the wholegrains in my diet without getting too 'faffy' or technical. I like this porridge because it's still only 3pp/154kcal for 30g
(not including milk-I make mine with water), so no different to the brand I usually buy.
It also means I don't have loose bags of various seeds spilling all over my larder which I forget to use!

This porridge is just one of the simple ways we can make small changes to our diet without really noticing. The seeds give a lovely crunch and nuttiness to the porridge experience and I just know that the other additional ingredients are going to do me good and keep me full up throughout the morning.
I add a chopped banana and cinnamon to mine, a sprinkle of sweetener and a splash of soya milk.
You can customise as you wish, adding honey, grated apple, sultanas etc. Just remember to calculate and add the propoints/kcal if you do this.


Feeling virtuous!


Covgal 4 November 2013 at 13:11

That sounds a lovely alternative to my regular porridge & tasty as well. I make my porridge with Sainsbury's organic larger oats for more texture & I use 50/ 50 milk & water from allowance. I will definitely getting that on Friday. Thanks Janey. X

Janey 4 November 2013 at 13:22

Glad this was helpful to you Covgal! It's just great to try something different occasionally! x

Annette 4 November 2013 at 13:33

I love seeds so will definitely look out for this one, wouldn't have dreamed that it was the same pp's as normal porridge.

Janey 4 November 2013 at 13:35

Hi Annette-it's the same pp's for 30g but I presume it weighs slightly heavier due to the seeds, so you probably get a little less volume than if it was pure oats. You can pad out with fresh fruit though! x

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