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CUPBOARD LOVE : Morrisons Breakfast Biscuits

I'm really enjoying these Breakfast Biscuits from the Morrisons NU ME range at the moment. NU ME is a low fat range of foods especially designed for people like us who want reduced fat products. Morrissons have even put the propoint values on their packaging although their products are not endorsed or sponsored by WeightWatchers.

The biscuits come in two flavours; Cereal & Milk (my personal favourite), and Fruit & Fibre. The Milk variety  have a really 'eggy', oaty flavour with a sprinkle of crumbly oats on top. The fruity ones are really tasty too, with a yummy toasted figgy flavour.

If you are used to eating other brands of breakfast biscuits, these individual packs of 2 may appear quite small to you but at only 3pp/113kcal, I think they are great value and really delicious. Great to pop in your handbag for an emergency or have with a cup of tea at that 'danger zone' time of day.


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