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SOMETHING FOR NOTHING: Forager's Fruit Jelly

I fight the brambles in my garden all year round. They scratch me, I chop them back. I shout at them....and yet, come September, they show up bearing beautiful gifts!
So I forgive them until next year...

There's an abundance of blackberries in the British hedgerows at the moment, and there's nothing quite like a bag of fruit for free! Then you have to decide what to do with your foraged harvest.
I picked these in my garden and I didn't have a huge I decided to turn them into delicious zero propoint jellies.
I used VIMTO with no added sugar in mine as I thought the vanilla-tinged fruity flavour would compliment the berries beautifully, which it did.
If you have any sugar free fruit squash, it will work in this recipe- elderflower, lemon or Ribena would be wonderful too.


YOU WILL NEED : For 2 servings

This works out to 0pp/approx.50kcal per serving

100g blackberries
1/2 teaspoon artificial granular sweetener

One 6g sachet Vege-gel
(I use the Dr.Oetker brand).
If you use regular gelatine, follow instructions on the pack as it differs slightly from the vegetarian version.

150ml cold water
50ml Vimto (no added sugar)
or any sugar free fruit squash of your choice

To Garnish

Tiny fresh mint leaves
One thin slice of apple


Wash the blackberries thoroughly and blot dry on some paper towels.
Divide equally into 2 dishes and sprinkle with a little sweetener.

Measure the water and Vimto accurately into a measuring jug.

Sprinkle the sachet of Vege-gel on the top and whisk until dissolved.

Heat until boiling. You can do this in a pan, or like I did in the microwave.
It took about two minutes.
Whisk after one minute.
It will look cloudy, then becomes clear again on boiling.

Share the jelly mixture equally between the two portions.

Arrange a few tiny mint leaves on the top of the jelly. It starts to set quite quickly so they won't sink!

Cut the slice of apple into tiny, matchstick slivers.

Arrange a few pieces of apple on the top of the jelly in a pretty pattern. Gently push the apple under the surface of the jelly with a sharp knife or cocktail stick to stop them oxidising and turning brown.

Pop into the fridge to set and chill. This takes about an hour. Serve on a plate using leaves from the blackberry bush as a garnish.


Hats off to Mother Nature!



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