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SMASH & GRAB : Griddled Halloumi & Apple Chutney Crostini

This is one of those simple no-performance dishes you can literally throw together in a few minutes.
It's a substantial light snack or makes a great starter too.
The flavours are quite wonderful...crusty toast acts as a bland carrier, laden with my homemade apple chutneythen topped with slices of griddled light Halloumi. A handful of rocket leaves and a drizzle of sweet chilli sauce brings everything together in a mouth-watering ensemble.

At 6sp/5pp/approx.250kcal per portion, it's almost too good to be true!


YOU WILL NEED : (Per portion)

Two 20g slices crusty bread
(I used a white poppy-seed crusted bread 
which worked out to 3sp/2pp)

Two 20g slices halloumi light cheese
This has 30% less fat than regular halloumi
(It works out to 3sp/3pp)

4 tablespoons apple & onion chutney
(Click HERE for link)
My recipe has 0sp/0pp. If you use an alternative or shop-bought chutney, remember to calculate propoints/calories

Handful of fresh rocket leaves

1 teaspoon Thai sweet chilli sauce


Slice the bread into very thin, 20g slices.

Mist the bread with a little Frylight oil and pop into a griddle pan with the halloumi.

Griddle over a medium heat.
When the bread is lightly toasted (about 2 minutes), spray the exposed side with a little more Frylight oil and flip it over to cook on the second side.

Load the toast generously with chutney to heat through gently. Flip the halloumi over to cook on its second side.

Using a spatula, gently place the toast onto your serving plate.

Top each piece with a slice of griddled halloumi.

Scatter with fresh rocket leaves.

Finally, drizzle lightly with Thai sweet chilli sauce.





Mango chutney would work beautifully with this dish. Adjust propoints accordingly.

If you don't like halloumi, you could top with slices of low fat cheddar and heat under the grill. Again, adjust propoints if necessary.



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