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Hot off The Press NEWS : Veronica's Snacks

"Hi Janey,
I hope you’re well, I’m just contacting you as we’re a new little Irish company, producing baked, low fat, gluten free crisps".

As a blogger, it's always interesting to receive emails like this one. It's hard to keep up with every new low fat product out there, so I'm only too happy for companies to let me know what they are up to-especially if they have something good to share!


Veronica is a mum from Cork in Ireland, who wanted to develop healthy snacks for her kids. The aim was to produce something low in salt, low in fat (they are 60% less fat compared to fried crisps), and containing no trans fats or MSG/GMO. They are also gluten free.

At the moment, they are mostly on sale in Ireland. However, they are on trial at Harvey Nichols in the UK and you can buy them on Amazon. As soon as I have news of a wider distribution in the UK,(talks are taking place with a leading retailer), I will let you know.

The people at Veronica's Snacks very kindly sent me this calico bag stuffed full of goodies to try.

The individual 23g bags contain 96 kcal and work out to 3pp for a bag.
(You can have two bags for 5pp).

They also produce large, family-size bags.

There are two types;
Organic Potato Crisps and Veggie Crisps.

The Organic Potato Crisps come in two flavours;
Barbecue and Sour Cream & Onion.

The texture is very light-almost like a cross between a wafer and a Pringle!
Considering they are low salt and contain no MSG, I was surprised at how strong the flavours were. The Barbecue variety had a really smoky taste and the Sour Cream had a very good, authentic flavour.

The Veggie Crisps have the identical texture to the potato ones but come in an array of beautiful pastel colours as they contain carrot, beetroot, spinach and broccoli.
They also come in two flavours;
Roast Tomato & Spanish Paprika
Roast Garlic & Mixed Herbs.

The paprika ones have a lovely flavour. I adored the colours of the Roast Garlic ones (pale orange, green and cream), but was a little disappointed with the flavour of these as they were quite bland. Perhaps more suitable for young children for this reason.


If you want to find out more, they have a great website, click on the link below.


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