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SMASH & GRAB : Toasted Wrap & Houmous with Summer Salad

During this unusually hot spell the UK has been experiencing, I haven't felt like cooking or eating huge meals. I'm tending to graze more when I'm hungry and the foods which are appealing to me are both light and refreshing.
This is a super-easy nutritious lunch, snack or starter. At face-value, it's houmous with a wrap...but with a little Slice-of-Slim magic you can turn it into a really spectacular little feast!

This works out to 6pp/approx.240kcal per portion.


Take a low fat wrap. I've been using the WeightWatchers ones recently. For their size, they are very good value propoints-wise, at 3pp each. You can have two for 6pp and three for 8pp too, which is great news!
Fold the wrap in half, then half again and toast gently in the toaster. This way, you get two crispy-edged pieces, and two more 'bready' ones when you tear it into quarters to serve.

While the wrap is toasting, prepare a 60g serving of low-fat houmous. I love these Sainsbury's mini snack pots.
Be careful, though, as the nutritional information on the packaging is for a 30g serving which is HALF an individual pot, which is 1pp/50kcal. If you use the whole pot like I do, it's 3pp/100kcal.

Dice some tomato and cucumber and pop on the plate with some torn basil. No dressing required-trust me!
Scoop the houmous out of the pot and sprinkle with your favourite seasoning. Just taking 30 seconds to do this transforms it from a regular snack into a deli treat! 

I'm loving this garlic pepper at the moment, so that's what I transforms salads and snacks with a pungent, garlicky kick.
You could use some dried or fresh herbs or sweet chilli sauce - whatever you fancy. 

To eat, simply tear the wrap into 4 pieces. Spread each quarter with houmous and load up with's almost like a fresh, creamy Summer pizza...delicious!




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