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SLICECREAM PARLOUR : #10 Mochaccino Dessert Cups

Every week throughout the Summer, I will be revealing a new and exciting flavour of delicious low-fat 'ice cream' in my
Slicecream Parlour
This week, I've decided to bring together a combination of crushed Amaretti biscuits smothered in a rich chocolate 'ice cream', then a layer of coffee granita made from frozen espresso. Finally, it's topped with sweet, frothy cream to make a mochaccino-style dessert cup. I'm serving it in large coffee cups to really get the coffee-shop theme going.


This is a rich, sophisticated dessert and works out to 3pp/approx.200kcal per portion.

 There's just a little pre-preparation required as the coffee will need to be frozen prior to assembling the dessert.


You Will Need: (For 2 portions) 

1 shot of coffee 
Water to dilute 
Artificial sweetener to taste

6 Amaretti biscuits
(I used this brand which work out to 2pp/approx.80kcal for 3 biscuits)

1 batch of banana 'icecream' base using 2 medium bananas

(Click HERE for recipe)

22g WeightWatchers Select Luxury Hot Chocolate
(I have found this brand makes a really rich, superior chocolate 'icecream' but any reduced fat variety will work).

50g WeightWatchers thick cream
1-2 tablespoons skimmed/soya milk
Artificial sweetener to taste



Start by making a strong shot of espresso. This dish is best made with fresh coffee, but if you don't have a coffee maker, you can use instant coffee made to the strength you like. Sweeten (or not) to your personal taste, then dilute with enough water to fill an ice-cube tray. Pour into the ice-cube tray and freeze until solid.


When you are ready to serve

Start by roughly crushing the Amaretti biscuits and pop them into the bases of 2 large coffee cups.

Blitz the frozen espresso ice cubes in a food processor until they resemble demerara sugar.

This is the espresso coffee granita.
Pop it into a separate dish back into the freezer while you make the chocolate 'icecream'.

Don't worry about rinsing out the food processor bowl before making the chocolate 'icecream', as a few granules of frozen coffee will only enhance the mocha taste in the finished dish.
Pile the sliced frozen banana into the food processor with the chocolate powder and make according to my instructions in the link above. Blend until smooth and 'mousse-like'.

Distribute the chocolate 'ice cream' equally between the two coffee cups.

Top with the coffee granita.

Working quickly, measure the cream into a container and 'thin down' with a little milk. Sweeten if required.

Whisk to form bubbles...or a tip from the Slice-of-Slim kitchen...pop the mixture into a lidded container and shake vigorously (like making a cocktail!) until you have a frothy liquid.

Pour the frothy cream over the desserts to finish.


Amazingly Mochaccinoliscious!



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