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RECIPE : Crispy Quorn Salad

Here's a gorgeous, simple idea - perfect for those days where you are short of time or the inclination to come up with anything creative. This takes 12 -15 minutes to make and is very good value too.

 There are two vegetarians in my family, so we often use vegetarian products, such as Quorn. It's a great source of protein and fibre. These crispy coated fillets are great standbys for a quick lunch or supper with a jacket potato or salad. Because the Quorn fillet itself is so low-fat, you can easily afford the cheesy filling and breadcrumb coating within your propoint budget.

These work out to 7pp per fillet for either variety.
(The Gruyere cheese-filled fillets are 267 kcal each and the lemon/pepper variety are 256 kcal each).


As I was making this for two people, I cooked one of each variety of fillet. We couldn't choose which flavour to have, so we had half each of both varieties!


They only take 12 minutes to bake.
While they are cooking, simply throw together your favourite mix of salad leaves.
I used a mixed, crispy selection from the supermarket. I added rocket leaves, diced tomato and cucumber strips and slices. I dressed it simply with Chinese seasoned rice wine vinegar and a little white pepper.


To serve, cut the fillets into thin, goujon-style strips and lay generously over the salad.
The warm, crunchy goujons combine with the refreshing, crisp salad to form a filling and delicious meal.
I could live on this!


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