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SLICECREAM PARLOUR : #9 Strawberry & Pimm's Granita

Every week throughout the Summer, I will be revealing a new and exciting flavour of delicious low-fat 'icecream'. 

This week, I've decided to ring the changes so I'm not using the traditional banana 'ice cream' base as I have in previous recipes.
Instead, I'm introducing a fabulous granita concept to the Slicecream Parlour. Granita is a semi-frozen sorbet type dessert, but with an ice-crystal texture rather than a smooth one. It's very light and refreshing-great for hot sunny days.


As it's Wimbledon week in the U.K, I've decided to base my idea on Pimm's. This is an alcoholic mixer, traditionally blended with lemonade, fresh mint, strawberries and this is the basis for my sophisticated little dessert. The combination of zingy pink, crushed frozen strawberries and a 'tennis-ball-green' cucumber, mint, Pimms and lemonade granita is totally delicious and so pretty too.


The best part is that it's only 1pp/approx.60kcal per portion!

(It's actually 1pp for the whole amount, but you still need to charge 1pp for half. Calorie counters still have to charge 60kcal per portion.)


 There's just a little pre-preparation required as some of the ingredients will need to be frozen prior to assembling the dessert.

You Will Need: (For 2 portions) 

A 25ml measure of Pimm's
75ml Diet lemonade
A few small fresh mint leaves

1/4 of a cucumber

200g frozen strawberries
2 teaspoons artificial granular sweetener

To Finish:

4 fresh strawberries
2 sprigs mint



Start by making up the Pimm's and lemonade mixture. Pour into an ice-cube tray with a small fresh mint leaf in each compartment. Freeze until solid.

At the same time, dice the cucumber up into small pieces and place in the freezer in a plastic bag until frozen solid. 


When you are ready to serve

Start by preparing your serving dishes. For a fun idea I recycled a cardboard crate used for strawberries, as my tray. I lined it with a stripy napkin and some funky fake grass to add to the Wimbledon Tennis theme! I also used these kitsch pink glass sundae dishes as I thought they had a great Summery feel to them.


Blitz the frozen Pimm's mixture until it resembles crushed ice.

This is the granita texture.
Pop it into a separate dish while you blitz the frozen cucumber. (You may need to bash the bag of cucumber to separate the frozen pieces before blending).
Then, mix the Pimm's granita and the crushed cucumber together in the food processor to combine.

It will become the most amazing green colour. (Exactly the colour of a tennis ball!).
If it appears too wet in texture, pop it back in the freezer while you prepare the strawberries.

Blend the frozen strawberries with the sweetener until they are at the 'crumble' or 'cous cous' stage - basically small, granular pieces but not smooth.
Slice the fresh strawberries thinly.

Distribute the crushed, frozen strawberries evenly between the two serving dishes. Make a well in the centre of each and fill with the vibrant Pimm's and cucumber granita.

Decorate with slices of fresh strawberry and a small sprig of fresh mint.

Place in the strawberry crate tray to carry ouside and enjoy alfresco (if sunny!), or in front of the TV watching the tennis in true British style, even if it's raining!

Game, set and match to the granita!




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