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SLICECREAM PARLOUR : #8 Cherry-Chocolate 'Slimmerbocker Glory'

Every week throughout the Summer, I will be revealing a new flavour of delicious 'icecream', using a frozen banana base to create an array of delicious, low-fat and exciting recipes.


I've now developed the idea even further by introducing a range of
'Slimmerbocker Glories'.
These are large, layered desserts served in tall glasses and are mouth-wateringly fabulous.


 This week, my chosen flavour is a
Cherry-Chocolate Slimmerbocker Glory.
If you like Black Forest Gateau, you'll love this...
It's made up of layers of Chocolate mini roll, rich, dark chocolate 'ice cream', blitzed frozen cherries, sweet cherry yoghurt, fresh chopped cherries and topped with grated chocolate. The final flourish is a big juicy cherry on top!

It is completely huge, delicious, very filling...and...
This dessert will only set you back 5pp/approx.350kcal per portion!


You Will Need:(Serves 2)

1 batch of frozen banana 'ice cream' base using 2 medium or large frozen bananas.
(Click HERE for recipe)

2 teaspoons cocoa powder

2 WeightWatchers Chocolate mini rolls

160g frozen cherries

1 Fruyo 0% fat cherry yoghurt
(This whole pot is 4pp so could substitute with an alternative if you prefer, however this one tastes magnificent!)

7g plain chocolate

10-12 fresh cherries


Make a batch of banana 'ice cream' base. 

Add the cocoa to the banana base. Mix well in the blender. (Make sure the stopper is in the lid to prevent a chocolate cloud!) This is your rich, chocolate 'ice cream'.
Pop it into a mixing bowl and store in the freezer while you prepare the other elements of the dessert. 

Rinse out the bowl and blade from the food processor, then blitz the frozen cherries to the 'cous-cous'or granular stage.

The trick now is to be really organised, and prepare all the elements of the Slimmerbocker Glory ready for assembly...

Slice up each mini roll. Stone the fresh cherries and chop them into chunky pieces. Reserve 2 big fat juicy cherries on their stalks for the final garnish.

Grate the chocolate.


Prepare 2 glasses.
(I don't have any sundae-style dishes, so I just use tall drinking glasses).

Take the chocolate 'ice cream' mixture out of the freezer.
Assemble the dessert in this order...

 Pop the mini roll slices in the
base of the glass.
Dollop half a portion of the frozen
cherry granules on top.

Distribute half a portion of the
chocolate 'ice cream' next.
Share the whole cherry yoghurt evenly
between the 2 portions and top with some fresh, chopped cherries..

Add the remaining frozen cherry granules, and  the chocolate 'ice cream'.

Finally, sprinkle with grated chocolate and a big juicy cherry for a spectacular finish.

All that's left to do is to choose a funky spoon and dig in.
(Click HERE for link)


Serve immediately and enjoy all the various flavours, textures and sensations for a Cherrychoccaliscious experience!




You could make 4 mini Slimmerbocker Glories for 3pp/approx.175kcal each from this recipe.


Unknown 19 June 2013 at 12:52

Hi all your ice cream sundaes look lovely!

I was wondering if it's possible to use something else as the base ingredient, as my fiance unfortunately hates bananas.


Janey 19 June 2013 at 12:57

I have to say that many people have written to me saying that even though they hate banana, once flavoured with chocolate etc, it's hard to tell-maybe he could try it? x Otherwise, you could just use the frozen fruits such as mango, cherry, strawberries etc and make yours more sorbet-based.x

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