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CUPBOARD LOVE : WeightWatchers Select Luxury Hot Chocolate

This luxury hot chocolate from WeightWatchers is fairly new to hit the shelves. It's displayed with the more upmarket brands of hot chocolate.
It costs around £2.49 and is available in Tescos.


It's not an instant hot chocolate like Highlights or other WeightWatchers versions as it doesn't contain dried milk powder, so you can add the milk of your choice which is lovely for people like me who prefer soya milk. You obviously have to add the propoints or calories for the milk you do add though.


The packaging recommends 6g for a cup of hot chocolate which is 1pp, but you can actually have up to 12g for 1pp/approx.40kcal.
So, if you like it a little richer there's some flexibility there.
I really like it because it has the depth of chocolate flavour you get from cocoa but because it is sweetened, you don't need to add sugar or sweetener as you would with cocoa. 


It's also great for recipes and home baking. So far, I've tried it in one of my Slicecream recipes for a basic chocolate icecream. I added 12g of the hot chocolate powder to the basic banana base.
(Click HERE for recipe) 
It was absolutely delicious!


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